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OPPOSITION SENATOR Sandrea Falconer has called for an overarching non-discriminatory HIV/AIDS policy.

Falconer argued that the HIV policy which now addresses the public-health issue in the workplace should go further to deal with non-discrimination in social spaces.

“We need to look at how persons with HIV/AIDS are discriminated against in places of public accommodation. We have to put in place a policy that they cannot deny goods or service to persons who they believe are living with HIV/AIDS,” Falconer said.

The opposition senator was making her contribution to the debate on the national workforce policy on HIV/AIDS in the Senate yesterday.

A parliamenrary committee examined the policy and submitted a report, which the Senate debated.

Leader of Government Business Dorothy Lightbourne, who piloted the policy, told the Senate that addressing the epidemic as a “workplace issue is critical to the advancement of our country in the 21st century”.

Her government colleague, Dwight Nelson, agreed that the issue must be dealt with systematically and urgently and also sided with Falconer about the need for a more overarching HIV/AIDS policy.

“I think this report falls a little short in terms of the scope of its coverage, and any national policy ought to incorporate the various sectors and the peculiarity of the sectors that are affected by the deficiency that it seeks to correct,” Nelson said.

Agri Input

He argued that the report should have had input from the agriculture sector, especially in light of an International Labour Organisation report which indicates that 16 million persons in the sector would be affected by HIV/AIDS.

“Agriculture is one of the growth industries and we have to protect that. HIV/AIDS is one of the devastating diseases that affects labour supply, productivity and economic growth,” Nelson said.

The national workforce policy on HIV/AIDS report has already been adopted by the House of Representatives. The Senate embraced it yesterday.

Among the key recommendations are the drafting of regulations that would make it illegal for employers to subject employees or potential employees to mandatory HIV testing.

It also recommends workers’ HIV status be kept private and that a targeted public-education programme be undertaken.

Health Minister Rudyard Spencer and Parliamentary Secretary Aundre Franklin were missing from nearly all of the committee meetings where the policy was discussed.

Spencer and Franklin missed six of the seven meetings of the committee and neither has apologised for being missing in action.

Labour Minister Pearnel Charles, who chaired the committee, attended all seven meetings, while Dr. Fenron Ferguson, opposition spokesman on health, missed one meeting.

Story was originally printed in the Gleaner.

Chelsea Clinton will wed fiance Marc Mezinsky in a lavish ceremony  estimated to cost at least $3 million dollars. That's what it takes to  get Oprah as a guest.

Here comes the bride. There goes the cash.

On Saturday Chelsea Clinton is set to marry her investment-banker boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky at a posh private estate 90 miles north of Manhattan.

The hotly anticipated, highly secretive affair has been called the Wedding of the Decade and of the Century.

Extravagant and notable events like that don’t come cheap.

Experts in all things nuptial ballpark the cost of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s little girl’s big day at anywhere from $3 million to $5 million.

That’s a lotta lettuce. And wedding cake.

“I don’t think we’ve seen a wedding with this much attention since Patricia Nixon,” says Donnie Brown, a wedding planner featured in “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” on the Style Network.

“This will definitely be the biggest wedding of the year.”

At the more conservative cost of $3 million, that’s a half-million behind Liza Minnelli and David Gest and a cool $1 million ahead of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

But this is different from your garden-variety superstar wedding, experts concur. This union includes world leaders and, well, Oprah.

“It’s bigger and more important than a celebrity wedding,” according to celebrity event planner Diann Valentine. “It will certainly be the most influential of setting trends. If anything becomes public knowledge it will immediately set a trend.” Continue reading

President Obama is making his debut on daytime talk TV this week, the first sitting U.S. president ever to make such an appearance, according to ABC.

And he’s choosing to do it on The View, the morning show co-hosted by Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd. They were quick to trumpet the news of Thursday’s show — “He likes us, he really likes us,” Behar gushed — and noted that Obama dropped by the set twice before he became president and that the first lady has also made an appearance.

So why this moment and this venue to make daytime television history? Continue reading

Stars Tyrese and Ludacris Back from 'Fast and the Furious'.

On their Twitter accounts, actors Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris announced that they will be in the fifth installment of the ‘The Fast and the Furious‘ franchise. “Just landed in Puerto Rico. Shooting for Fast & Furious 5 is about to be underway,” stated Ludacris.

Tentatively titled ‘Fast Five,’ the new film has Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reprising their roles as Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner.

Tyrese and Ludacris starred in 2003’s ‘2 Fast 2 Furious,’ the sequel to 2001’s ‘The Fast and the Furious.’ Directed by John Singleton, Tyrese played Roman Pearce, Brian’s boyhood friend who is on house arrest after serving time in prison for which he still blames Brian. Brian himself was running from the law after letting Toretto escape in the first film. While working with the cops to apprehend a drug lord, the childhood friends patched up their relationship as they had their crimes pardoned.

Ludacris played Tej Parker, a race host and a friend of Brian’s. He arranges high stakes street racing events that Brian often races in and wins. Continue reading

What does the future holds for Ragashanti, the popular talk show host of the NEWS TALK 93 FM programme ‘Mix up Blenda’, against the background that the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus recently acquired 49% shares previously held by the Breakfast Club Limited in Universal Media Company (UMC)?

A statement released by the UWI stated, “The University of the West Indies Mona Campus is now the sole owner of Universal Media Company Limited.”

The media release by UWI also noted, “Under the new arrangement, the management structure and programmes of NewsTalk 93 FM are currently being evaluated and the University of the West Indies will make further announcements regarding the changes to be implemented.”

Ragga, as he is popular called by listeners, was recently the centre of much controversy because of the use of the Jamaica native tongue, patois, to conduct the programme by several parties. Ragga, who is or should we say was employed as a lecturer to the university, have been criticized in many circles to not display qualities of an intellect and traits synonymous to the UWI.

The man known to speak his mind never let the water flow and reacted to the criticism and even spoke out that persons were trying to get him out of the role of host of the popular talk show that attracts hundreds of listeners from across the island or drop the programme.

So with all this new changes taking place with NEWS TALK 93 FM what will happen to MIX UP AND BLENDA? Will the ultra conservative administration that started the debate on the style of Ragga, who’s programme attracts a lot of “ghetto people” be axed?

What are your views? The university is known to be a ground for intellectual development, unearthing new findings, preservation and empowerment among other things…does Raga programme contributes to this?

Local TV Station CVM TV is officially launching its brand new machine LIVE @ 7!

The programme which is the latest buzz from the CVM-TV Group swank that it will be the game-changer in Jamaica Media with cutting-edge programming and a crew of young, hip and warm presenters.

The programme which is expected to kick off in just over an hour will feature current affairs and lifestyles issues for viewers, and will be hosted by the young faces of Elon Parkinson and Yaneek Page.

The duo is expected to knock a memorable first edition with a look at the political, social and environmental issues associated with the Riverton City, which is literally famous for being Jamaica’s rubbish ground. The team will explore what have contributed to the present situation of up to 6 thousand persons living there. The question they’ll attempt to answer is how did we get here?

When we looked on Live @ 7 on CVM-TV Facebook account the following question was posted on their page: “What is your reaction to the situation of 6000 people living at the mouth of the Riverton City Dump”?

One respondent, Antonette Crosdale, said “thats crazy ….. 6000 people living in a rubbish bin… come on we are all humans and have a right despite our living conditions . Don’t make it worst by allowing us to live in a rubbish bin… Jamaica government need to do better cause only wen it electionn time they stuff up their face and go down their and give the people little to nothing to vote 4 them.. AND THOSE PEOPLE NEED TO WISE UP AND MAKE A STOP TO THOSE POLITICIAN WHO DO THEM TINGS AND MAKE THEM INTO AN IDIOT…”

So tuning tonight at 7 on CVM-TV or

Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley, brought us the mega hit “Crazy” and he has done it again on a solo project. Watch and listen as Cee-Lo Green cover’s the Band of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You”. This single is off his forthcoming album “Cee-Lo Green Is the Lady Killer”, out August 9. I think he did a stellar job and I’m in serious like with the video; from the plot, the way it was shot and the song. It was all very well done.

I’m so excited for his album and can’t wait for it to drop.

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