Local TV Station CVM TV is officially launching its brand new machine LIVE @ 7!

The programme which is the latest buzz from the CVM-TV Group swank that it will be the game-changer in Jamaica Media with cutting-edge programming and a crew of young, hip and warm presenters.

The programme which is expected to kick off in just over an hour will feature current affairs and lifestyles issues for viewers, and will be hosted by the young faces of Elon Parkinson and Yaneek Page.

The duo is expected to knock a memorable first edition with a look at the political, social and environmental issues associated with the Riverton City, which is literally famous for being Jamaica’s rubbish ground. The team will explore what have contributed to the present situation of up to 6 thousand persons living there. The question they’ll attempt to answer is how did we get here?

When we looked on Live @ 7 on CVM-TV Facebook account the following question was posted on their page: “What is your reaction to the situation of 6000 people living at the mouth of the Riverton City Dump”?

One respondent, Antonette Crosdale, said “thats crazy ….. 6000 people living in a rubbish bin… come on we are all humans and have a right despite our living conditions . Don’t make it worst by allowing us to live in a rubbish bin… Jamaica government need to do better cause only wen it electionn time they stuff up their face and go down their and give the people little to nothing to vote 4 them.. AND THOSE PEOPLE NEED TO WISE UP AND MAKE A STOP TO THOSE POLITICIAN WHO DO THEM TINGS AND MAKE THEM INTO AN IDIOT…”

So tuning tonight at 7 on CVM-TV or  www.cvmtv.com