What does the future holds for Ragashanti, the popular talk show host of the NEWS TALK 93 FM programme ‘Mix up Blenda’, against the background that the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus recently acquired 49% shares previously held by the Breakfast Club Limited in Universal Media Company (UMC)?

A statement released by the UWI stated, “The University of the West Indies Mona Campus is now the sole owner of Universal Media Company Limited.”

The media release by UWI also noted, “Under the new arrangement, the management structure and programmes of NewsTalk 93 FM are currently being evaluated and the University of the West Indies will make further announcements regarding the changes to be implemented.”

Ragga, as he is popular called by listeners, was recently the centre of much controversy because of the use of the Jamaica native tongue, patois, to conduct the programme by several parties. Ragga, who is or should we say was employed as a lecturer to the university, have been criticized in many circles to not display qualities of an intellect and traits synonymous to the UWI.

The man known to speak his mind never let the water flow and reacted to the criticism and even spoke out that persons were trying to get him out of the role of host of the popular talk show that attracts hundreds of listeners from across the island or drop the programme.

So with all this new changes taking place with NEWS TALK 93 FM what will happen to MIX UP AND BLENDA? Will the ultra conservative administration that started the debate on the style of Ragga, who’s programme attracts a lot of “ghetto people” be axed?

What are your views? The university is known to be a ground for intellectual development, unearthing new findings, preservation and empowerment among other things…does Raga programme contributes to this?