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The following is a story submitted by Dexter Communications Inc US Correspondent.

Jamaican-born Fashion Designer JOHNPAUL PIERRE showcased his Fall 2011 Collection to a packed Manhattan exclusive venue last night, rocking New York with “BOLD IN AFRICA”.

After showing in Philadelphia and Los Angeles California, BRAATA PRODUCTIONS believed it was New York’s turn to experience this undoubted young talent who proved to the packed venue that JOHNPAUL PIERRE is indeed “timeless, fresh and innovative”.

Shades of Africa ignited the room with some of New York’s elite models. The designer showcased 13 out of his possible 17 pieces, as 4 of his Fall creations are already booked for international recording artistes and New York business executives, thus could not be put on the run way.

When asked about the inspiration behind the collection, JOHNPAUL PIERRE said, “I am inspired by all women, and Africa being dubbed the “Motherland”, I felt the need to zoom in on that aspect of my creativity, using African fabric and African inspired cuts; what has transpired here tonight is a manifestation of my hard work, the work of my entire production team, meetings and consultations across the United States and tapping into my global contacts”.

This “Wine and Cheese” event brought AFRICA to the West in a very BOLD way, as JOHNPAUL PIERRE experimented with the use of elastic to ably hug every curve of each model, hence each creation was like gowns painted on a flawless frame – any frame.

BOLD in AFRICA was complimented by new designer, Natalie Woods, this being her first showing was very impressive. The entire event did not have one lull moment, high energy interspersed with excitement from start to finish, as music and visual art got married to fashion. The event featured Visual artiste Howard Hamilton and Fly Focus Photography by Qas. HBO Def Jam Poet “RIVA” had the venue glued to her every word and performances from Mario Evon, Smax, Nikki Njoi, Freddie Cosmo and World Championship of the Performing Arts Gold Medalist Andrew Clarke had the audience in a boldly rocking to every beat.

In a Press Release from the Directors of BRAATA PRODUCTIONS, the company highlighted its commitment to the arts and its unwavering support for upcoming artistes, hence such talent being exposed at the BOLD in AFRICA event.

Internationally acclaimed stylist, make-up artiste and video director Dexter “3D” Pottinger who flew in from Jamaica for the show, Karl Williams, Jamaican-born Actor, along with noted Philanthropist and Entrepreneur/Journalist Lawman Lynch, were among the many celebrities in the audience; both of whom gave the show an “A” grade, articulating the fact that the world of fashion is now the play ground for JOHNPAUL PIERRE.

“A night of Fashion”, showcasing “BOLD IN AFRICA” was hosted by Andrew Clarke who is a recipient of the Prime Minister Youth in Excellence Award (Jamaica) and was a BRAATA PRODUCTION and JOHNPAUL PIERRE Production.