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Daily Archives: June 10, 2010

// Today has been a busy day in the world of True Blood. Sneak peeks, promos, character posters, and now the last viral collectible poster release from HBO. This is the twelfth such poster release from HBO for this season. One has been released weekly, and this is the last. Sad, isn’t it?

In one way, yes. However, with this being the final poster released that does mean we are ready for the season to start on Sunday. Don’t forget to tune in fifteen minutes early on Sunday night the True Blood season premiere pre-show. That will air on HBO immediately preceding the episode. Not sure what the pre-show will consist of, but I imagine some interviews and discussion about the season at the very least. HBO might have more planned though.

I can’t wait for the premiere. We are just three days away. Can you feel the excitement building, True Blood fans? For more of my True Blood coverage, go here. For more of my television news, go here.

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[Post update via Entertainment Gather]