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Third World Band returns to Florida this memorial weekend to perform live at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg.  The Reggae Ambassadors will share the stage with Marcia Griffiths on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 7:00 pm.

The live concert, which will take place outdoors, is not the only – order of business – that the group will be focusing on this weekend.  The band will spend some time in the studio working on a recording with Marcia Griffith for their soon to be released album, Patriots.  One of the many artists that will be featured on the album, Marcia is known globally as the Queen of Reggae and for her hit single Electric Boogie which gave birth to the Electric Slide dance.  The group also collaborated with Dean Frasier, Damian and Stephen Marley, Junior Reid, Michael Rose, Tarrus Riley and Toots.

(Photo Credit: Triple 7 Entertainment LLC) Bunny Rugs (second left) along with Nadine Sutherland (left) with added energy from Timberlee and D'Angel.

The group will also be working on finalizing the video for single By My Side featuring Tessanne Chin which is currently scheduled for premiere on June 18, 2010.  Tessanne Chin and William “Bunny Rugs” Clarke debut their duet for fans during the live rehearsal stream on Saturday, May 8, 2010.  The live stream which was viewed by over 7,500 fans from the United States, UK, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, was streamed on and  The stream was re-broadcast on May 13, 2010 and continues to be available for viewing on  The live stream was also shown on TEMPO Network in the Caribbean.  As stated by William “Bunny Rugs” Clarke, “the live stream was such a phenomenal experience.  For the fans to be able to watch us rehearse live, ask questions via chat rooms and hear singles from our upcoming album was something that I am still not able to wrap my mind around. It was such an amazing experience that we are in the planning stages to do it again soon.”

The live stream was made possible by the support of The Palmyra Resort, Caribbean Fever, Color Heritage Apparel, Rochmark Security Solutions-Jamaica, Golden Krust Bakery, Serendipity Villas-Jamaica,, Marcia’s Café, Country Walk Jamaican Restaurant, Steadimage Multimedia,, Driven Models Network and VicRae Inc.

What’s next?  Third World Band will perform at the 14th Annual St. Kitts Music Festival which takes place June 24-26, 2010.  The band will then travel to Europe to perform at the Reggaeland Festival in Poland, Nowa Reggae 2010 Festival in Barcelona, Dour Festival in Belgium and Garance Reggae Festival in France.  Upon returning to the U.S. the band will perform in Sky City Sun and Pueblo of Acoma, NM.  In August, the band will perform in Monterey Bay Reggae Fest Monterey, CA, Nectar Lounge Seattle, WA, Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, Canada, Reggae Rising Piercy, CA, Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA and Kanawha Plaza Richmond, VA.

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Like Louis Lee Sing, I kept my tongue in check throughout the six-week prelude to Monday’s historic General Election. But, unlike Louis, a boyhood friend from the East-West corridor, I will not be as scathing and vehement as he was last Wednesday morning on his radio station, in his virulent admonition of former prime minister Patrick Manning. Lest I forget, I must say that when I awoke on Tuesday morning I was even more proud of being a native of Trinidad, and Tobago.

I am hard pressed to think of any other country in the world which, given the frenetic pace and highly emotionally charged campaigning, that there was nary an untoward incident. Aside from a couple of unfounded reports of arson, minor assault, car jacking and an attempted kidnapping, this campaign was squeakly clean. On Monday, citizens exercised their franchise, in a civil and dignified manner, free of fear. In this respect no amount of praise is sufficient for the Elections and Boundaries Commission, the people, especially the youth that worked in the polling stations, and every member of our protective services.

In all my adult life I have never experienced an election like this. The campaigning on both sides of the divide was intense and loyalists were being forced to make some seriously hard choices—to vote on one side for a party whose leader they had serious issues with, or stain their fingers for an untried and relatively unknown confederacy. As similar to UNC supporters saying in 2007, and proven then, “if Panday stays we not voting,” and it happened. And thus, coming out of the myriad of complaints over the last two years, the PNM supporters said, “We will vote for PNM, only if Manning go!”

So he did not leave and what happened? In 2010, Panday is not there and UNC folk voted in all their glory; while Manning stubbornly stayed on as the ship’s captain, and the PNM folk partied, had a good time, took the money, wore the jerseys, limed, got the hugs, yet did not vote. Angeli, my sister in Orlando, and a staunch PNM supporter, yet another voice in the sea of protest against Manning for calling an election after a mere two-year term in office, told me on the morning after election day, “Complacency is never a good thing. When we become too complacent we begin to take things for granted. We stop hearing, feeling and seeing. We see, hear and feel ourselves. We actually become dead!!! “This loss could be a great thing for PNM as friction causes edges to sharpen, and PNM has lots of edges to sharpen. “Nothing good lasts forever. Nothing stays up forever. The higher you soar the harder you fall. “You fall hard, get up, brush off the dust, lick your wounds and climb again or, you can bus up like a peewah.” “Change is good—for the better or worse?—only time will tell it’s mobility and longevity.”


The members of Witco Desperadoes have been coming in for some unfair criticisms these days, especially since the band performed at a function at TCL Group Skiffle Bunch pan theatre earlier this month, sans uniforms. Pan folk have commented negatively on the band performing at major events in recent times without its members wearing uniforms. Apparently the new Tobacco Bill prevents Desperadoes from displaying or advertising its sponsors name and logo. Witco (West Indian Tobacco Co Ltd) is the country’s major cigarette-producing company and has sponsored the Laventille band for over 40 years. An official of Desperadoes last week apologised for the band’s appearance,and assured that new uniforms are being tailored.

Article was written by Peter Ray Blood and carried in the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian.

Reputed Jamaican druglord Christopher (Dudus) Coke
Reputed Jamaican druglord Christopher (Dudus) Coke, the subject of an islandwide manhunt, has reportedly volunteered to surrender himself to officials in New York.

After attempts to arrest him in Kingston turned into urban warfare that left dozens dead, Coke began negotiating with U.S. authorities, federal sources said.

The 41-year-old alleged head of the notorious Shower Posse could be in custody in Manhattan by the end of the weekend. He is wanted in New York on multiple counts of drug-running and gun-running.

The Jamaican Observer newspaper quoted sources close to Coke saying he “feels it is in his best interest to be taken to the U.S., rather than to a Jamaican jail.”

Meanwhile, the death toll from the street battles that failed to bring him in jumped to 73 – twice the original government estimate.

An alleged Jamaican drug baron at the centre of this week’s uprising in Kingston is seeking political asylum abroad, according to a British solicitor who has spoken to him.

Hannah Harris Barrington said she talked to Christopher “Dudus” Coke seven times as loyalists barricaded his stronghold in the Kingston slum of Tivoli Gardens to block his extradition to the US. She said Mr Coke, 42, reputed to be head of the Shower Posse drug gang, feared that security forces wanted to kill him to prevent him talking about his ties to powerful politicians.

Mr Coke’s bastion is the constituency of Bruce Golding, Jamaica’s Prime Minister and Labour Party leader, who tried for months to shield him from extradition before ordering his arrest on May 17. “He wishes to seek political asylum. He told me he is willing to turn himself in,” Ms Harris Barrington, who had a practice in Deptford, southeast London, until two years ago, told The Times. “He is being persecuted because he gave Bruce Golding his seat in Parliament.

“He is willing to disclose all the infomation that he is going to be killed for. He is willing to tell me everything about the Prime Minister — how the Prime Minister came to become an MP from that area,” she said. With a huge military manhunt under way, which has already resulted in the deaths of 73 people in Tivoli Gardens and elsewhere, Mr Coke may have reason to worry. His father, Lester Coke, also known as “Jim Brown”, ran the Shower Posse during the “drug wars” in the 1980s in the US in which the gang was blamed for 1,400 murders. Despite his political connections, Lester Coke was eventually arrested, but died in a 1992 prison fire before he could be extradited to the US — amid speculation that powerful figures wanted to stop him talking about his political ties.


Ms Harris Barrington, the daughter of a Jamaican bishop, moved to the island from Britain in 2008 to become a lawyer, pastor and human rights acti-vist. She made contact with Mr Coke as the stand-off grew last weekend. She said that he appeared to be in Jamaica last Saturday because she arranged to meet him — although the meeting never took place.

She last spoke to him on Monday, as hundreds of soldiers stormed his slum redoubt. But she said she does not know his whereabouts. “He is willing to hand himself in, but not to Mr Golding because he is going to die. There will be some story — a prisoner is going to stab him or something,” she said.

“I said, ‘I think you need to seek the assistance of another international state’. We did not actually use the words asylum, but it is asylum.

“I know he wants international assistance. He told me he is willing to give himself in.”

Ms Harris Barrington said Mr Coke would clearly not seek asylum in the US, where he is listed as one of the “world’s most dangerous” drug lords and faces trafficking and gun-running charges that carry a possible life term.

Speculation in the local press has suggested he could escape to Venezuela, where the Government may protect him from the US. But Paul Beswick, one of Mr Coke’s official lawyers, told The Times that he was not aware of any attempt by his client to seek political asylum.

Mr Coke’s lawyers are reported to have been in discussions with the US Embassy in Jamaica about a possible surrender, and US Drug Enforcement Agency officials are reported to be on stand-by to fly in and collect him. But Mr Beswick would not comment on any talks with US officials. “The best I can say is that various discussions are in progress in an attempt to resolve the current impasse. I could not be more specific,” he said.

There are countless rumours about Mr Coke’s whereabouts. US sources told ABC television that they believe he slipped into neighbouring Denham Town or Jones Town. Local reports suggested that he may have sought the protection of a friendly “don”, or crime figure, in nearby May Pen.

[Post Update made via Times Online]

EDWARD Seaga, former leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and Member of Parliament for West Kingston is calling for the resignation of his successor, Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

The man who built the community of Tivoli Gardens, Seaga is accusing Golding of mismanaging the United States extradition request for local area don Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, who is wanted on gun and drug trafficking charges.

“Frankly that is my view because he is showing day by day that he cannot cope,” Seaga said in an interview aired on TVJ last night.

He said that Golding should not have intervened in the extradition process and should seek another constituency. During a tour of the community yesterday residents strongly expressed their opposition to their MP whom they accuse of abandoning them to the assault by security forces that began Sunday.

The assault began after gunmen aligned to Coke attacked police. 73 people have been confirmed killed so far amid allegations that the death toll could be much higher. Just four guns have been seized together with more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition.

Seaga has said that an atrocity took place. He is also calling for Coke to surrender himself to authorities.

[Article update Jamaica Observer]

A new chapter of Trinidad and Tobago history was completed at Knowsley Building, Queen’s Park West, this afternoon, when Kamla Persad-Bissessar was sworn in as the nation’s first female Prime Minister.

OATH OF OFFICE: Trinidad and Tobago’s new Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, left, takes her oath of office, at Knowsley Building, Queen’s Park West, on May 26, 2010 while President George Maxwell Richards looks on (PHOTO CREDIT: JERMAINE CRUICKSHANK/ Trinidad Express)

“The challenge ahead is for us to remain as one people,” the new PM declared, following the swearing in ceremony.

“One of my first acts as Prime Minister is to meet with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) to treat with the issue of flooding.

“Tomorrow (today),” Persad-Bissessar continued, “all Members of Parliament will be on the ground visiting the various constituencies to deal with the people’s issues, and on Friday the new Cabinet will be sworn in.”

Following her speech, Persad-Bissessar called on President George Maxwell Richards to swear in attorney-at-law Anand Ramlogan as the country’s new Attorney General.

[Post update via Trinidad Express]

Facebook’s privacy settings and users’ concerns have been debated and analyzed ad nauseum over the past several weeks. With today’s announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and company hope to put the talk — and the fear and mistrust — to rest.

“We made a lot of changes at the same time,” Zuckerberg said regarding his company’s announcements of the Open Graph API and other new Facebook features. “A lot of what we were trying to do got lost. We really need to simplify the controls… The feedback we got from users really resonated with us.”

Facebook’s new privacy controls are dead simple, as simple as a single button-click for sharing or restricting all your information — from your birthday and contact information to your posts and photos.

Now, Facebook will give users one simple control for all sharing. In a couple clicks, you can change all your settings, and the changes will apply retroactively as well. And of course, changes will apply to any new products that might be released in the future.

When you first open the new privacy settings page, your current privacy settings will appear; you won’t be automatically switched to the recommended settings.

Users simply click one button (“Everyone,” “Friends of Friends” or “Friends Only”) in the left column to restrict or open all their information to those groups. They can also choose to make certain types of information open to certain groups, as per the recommended settings you see above.

“You can think of ‘Everyone,’ ‘Friends of Friends’ and ‘Friends Only’ as big buckets containing different groups of information,” the new controls page reads. “With our recommended settings, your information is distributed across all three buckets.”

While Facebook does recommend leaving certain information, such as your bio or status, open to everyone, other data should probably be more private, such as photos or videos.

The recommended settings ask users to make their status, photos, posts, bio, favorite quotations, family and relationships viewable to everyone. They also recommend making personal contact information viewable by friends only.

Granular sharing for wall posts will remain the same, and sharing information with applications will become even more granular than what we’re used to seeing now. Users will still be able to remove tags from posts, images or videos posted by others. Finally, more granular, specific controls will exist for what information is shared and discoverable through Facebook’s directory.

With controls this simple, it’s hard to imagine users being confused or pundits throwing fits; yet we’re sure not everyone will be totally pleased with these changes.

What do you think: Are Facebook’s new privacy controls simple — and thorough — enough for the average user?

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