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Daily Archives: June 27, 2010

The number of Digicel Rising Stars’ host hopefuls is now down to five after one of the contestants told the show’s producers that she can no longer be considered for the job. Former Miss Jamaica World, Terri-Karelle Reid, says she could no longer be considered for the top spot as it was conflicting with her responsibilities at her present job.

In a letter to the Digicel Rising Stars’ producers, Terri-Karelle said she had to pull out of contention for the job as it has proven to be a conflict of interest with her current job as General Manager at Spartan Health Club and the Miss Jamaica World Competition, a competition in which Spartan Health Club is heavily involved.

Former beauty queen Terri-Karelle

In the letter, Terri-Karelle Reid said she was grateful for the opportunity and was sorry that she had to withdraw: “I will be forever appreciative to you and your crew for affording me the privilege of being a part of the selected six. I was not expecting this at all and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.” Terri-Karelle ends her withdrawal letter to the Digicel Rising Stars’ producers by wishing them a successful 7th season: “I extend the warmest wishes to the TVJ/Digicel Rising Stars crew and wish for you a successful 2010 staging.”

Meanwhile, Digicel Rising Stars’ producer, Sharon Schroeter, says it’s unfortunate that Terri-Karelle had to pull out but they understand: “I was shocked when I heard the news but we have to respect her wishes. Terri-Karelle is a very talented individual and the Digicel Rising Stars family wishes her the best in whatever she does.”

So Jamaica will now have to choose the next Digicel Rising Stars host from the five remaining host hopefuls: Kemesha Bolton, Camesha McRae, Deidre James, Julie Malcolm and Lady Rennae.

Article provided by the Publicity Managers for Digicel Jamaica Rising Stars, ALYKHAT PR (Publicity Raconteurs)