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Miss Kitty and Skatta Burrell, two of the judges in Magnum Kings and Queen of Dancehall.

Miss Kitty and Skatta Burrell, two of the judges in Magnum Kings and Queen of Dancehall.

The seventh Season of  Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall is in full swing with the 5th and final auditions set to take place this Sunday (December 15) at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston.

With over 2000 talented Jamaicans Auditioned so far in Sav-La-Mar, Ocho Rios, May Pen and Portmore, Kingston is expected to carry the biggest crowd; attracting all those who have tried and failed to secure a place at the other four auditions as well as those who have waited until the last minute to show their talent.

Marketing Director, Wines & Spirits at J. Wray & Nephew Limited, Gary Dixon, says Kingston is the heartbeat of Dancehall so it is only natural for it to host the biggest and most exciting of the 5 auditions: “Every year Kingston continues to impress and this year we expect no different. Over the past 6 seasons some of the best talent to grace the Magnum stage were unearthed at the Kingston Auditions.  Kingston will be the last chance to get Into the competition this year and based on history people from all over Jamaica will be there to show the best of their talent.”

Judges Miss Kitty, Skatta and Professor Nuts select the best from each auditions.  These auditions’ finalists are placed in a pool for the Judges to then deliberate and select the Top 28 Live Show finalists (14 Princes and 14 Princesses) who will compete for the title of 2014 Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall.

The Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre will be buzzing with activity this Sunday December 15 between 9am and 3pm when talent from all corners of Jamaica will seek their final chance to Be the Boss by taking the first step towards Magnum stardom.


Its one weekend, two great shows…LIME Jamaica since yesterday, January 13, has been buzzing with activities at its Portmore and Kingston & St. Andrew stores ALL for one ‘Mega deal’, to get television enabled mobile handsets just by trading in a mobile phone from another network.

Here is what has been happening. With the roots stage show Rebel Salute schedule for this Saturday at Port Kaizer, St. Elizabeth and the reggae superstar Buju Banton’s Before the Dawn Concert in down town Miami this Sunday the telecommunications giant has capitalized and offering television enabled mobile handsets to all willing to trade in a Digicel or Claro phone.

LIME became the provider of the first digital mobile service in the Caribbean last December when it launch Mobile TV Service in Jamaica, as part of an effort to give customers the experience of the best in entertainment, news and sports. At the moment the telecommunications company offers its digital services in the Greater St. Catherine are of Portmore and Spanish Town, as well as the Kingston & St. Andrew Metropolitan area.

When we here at Dexter Communications (@Lgrandison) tweeted LIME Customer Service (@LimeHelp) asking when it will be spread across the island we were told that they could not confirm at this moment.

Click Image for conversation

Click Image for conversation

Local paper, the Jamaica Observer , in its Friday, January 14 online news edition quoted Regional Project Special Manager, Stephen Price saying,  as soon as they stores were officially opened for businesses  they were inundated by persons eager to trade in their old network phones for a spanking new television enabled mobile handset.

Are you in the Covered Area?

So with just any working mobile phone from with a SIM Card from “the other Guys” and JMD$2,000 ($2,500 with tax including) for credit Jamaicans were body to body in lines extending from stores and on the streets waiting to get a “TV phone”, enough to cause a traffic congestion on the major road Half Way Tree this Friday morning, where the LIME Head Office is also located.

LIME is the Caribbean first mobile television service, which offers premium digital channels including Fox Soccer Plus, Sportmax, CNN, Hype, RE TV and other international and local stations.

For More Info on LIME TV Click here

With the Christmas season comes much merriment, and often reckless driving. Spirits are high, as well as, tempers and the roads tend to be more dangerous due to a diminished sense of judgment, a strange phenomena, associated with this season.

Partying during the holidays is almost as certain as sorrel and Christmas pudding, as a result, drinking and driving is a major concern. “Our Designate a Driver campaign brings responsible driving directly to parties during the season” says Deidrie Hudson-Sinclair, Accident Analyst Statistician, Road Safety Unit with the Ministry of Transport and Works “We are working closely with the Taxi Association of Jamaica this holiday to assist, as best as possible, with the safety of the public”.

Christmas time, also signifies many family gatherings and travel islandwide. Highway 2000 allows travelling for the average Jamaican to be easier and more efficient. Unfortunately with efficiency comes speed, and many drivers neglect to follow speed limits and road regulations.

“We are concerned for everyone this season, but our major concern is for pedestrians who attempt to get pick-ups or drop-offs on the highway” says Lenox Plummer, Quality Safety Maintenance Manager, Jamaica Infrastructure Operator, operator of Highway 2000. “Pedestrians must understand that it is not safe, and our concern is for their well being, and for all road users.”

Motorists using the highway must be reminded, that in case of emergency, the phone numbers on the back of the toll booth receipt are for direct contact with the Control Centers at Portmore and Vineyards, for assistance. Be safe and be smart this holiday season, as it is only a holiday if you are around to enjoy it.

Dancehall entertainer Adijah Palmer, better known as Vybz Kartel, is to face more questions Monday about his alleged connections to gang activity in Waterford, St. Catherine.

Kartel was questioned on the weekend by detectives attached to the St. Catherine South Police Division about the bloody war between men allegedly loyal to him and a rival gang known as the “Lynch mob” gang.

Police sources told RJR News that the popular artiste will also be questioned about alleged gun-running in the area.

His attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson, told RJR News that her client was questioned about alleged links to gang members in his home base of Waterford.

However, she argued that her client is not involved in any gang activity and the cops were trying to connect him to persons he grew up with.

Kartel, the man behind the Gaza slogan, surrendered to the cops on Friday, three days after the St. Catherine South Police named him as a major person of interest.

He is being detained under the State of Emergency imposed in sections of St. Catherine.

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