With the Christmas season comes much merriment, and often reckless driving. Spirits are high, as well as, tempers and the roads tend to be more dangerous due to a diminished sense of judgment, a strange phenomena, associated with this season.

Partying during the holidays is almost as certain as sorrel and Christmas pudding, as a result, drinking and driving is a major concern. “Our Designate a Driver campaign brings responsible driving directly to parties during the season” says Deidrie Hudson-Sinclair, Accident Analyst Statistician, Road Safety Unit with the Ministry of Transport and Works “We are working closely with the Taxi Association of Jamaica this holiday to assist, as best as possible, with the safety of the public”.

Christmas time, also signifies many family gatherings and travel islandwide. Highway 2000 allows travelling for the average Jamaican to be easier and more efficient. Unfortunately with efficiency comes speed, and many drivers neglect to follow speed limits and road regulations.

“We are concerned for everyone this season, but our major concern is for pedestrians who attempt to get pick-ups or drop-offs on the highway” says Lenox Plummer, Quality Safety Maintenance Manager, Jamaica Infrastructure Operator, operator of Highway 2000. “Pedestrians must understand that it is not safe, and our concern is for their well being, and for all road users.”

Motorists using the highway must be reminded, that in case of emergency, the phone numbers on the back of the toll booth receipt are for direct contact with the Control Centers at Portmore and Vineyards, for assistance. Be safe and be smart this holiday season, as it is only a holiday if you are around to enjoy it.