Latoya Woods, Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago pose topless for her promotional video for the Miss Universe 2010 Pageant to be held in Las Vegas.

While the Miss Universe pageant is some weeks away the contenders are already sparking up controversy, this time it’s not answers to political questions and world issues, but the topless photo shoot that some contestants opted as promotional pictures for the show which has seen more than a few eyebrows raised.

So who are the contestants gone topless?

The Caribbean is not to be out done and Trinidad and Tobago’s Latoya Woods sends the message clear saying that she expects that the shoot to be an attention-grabber. An interview with Access Hollywood quoted Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago saying: “It’s definitely going to raise some [eye]brows, but what’s important is that I am comfortable…This is my body and I feel liberated doing this.”

Miss Universe USA Rima Fikah

Woods who posed topless with eyes closed and with body paint across her chest and right arm, when further saying, “You know that saying, ‘Bad publicity is good publicity?’ It’s going to be good.”

Miss Universe USA, Rima Fakih and Miss Universe Japan Maiko Itai were the other two persons who opted to go topless for their shots.

“There [were] options and we were all asked what we feel comfortable with and I told them that I feel comfortable with beauty,” Miss Universe USA said in the Access Hollywood interview.

The women were covered in body paint for the shoot and Miss USA was pleased with her pose.

Miss USA cupped her breasts and bared just her back, while Miss Japan Maiko Itai used her arm to shield her nudity. The latter lady actually passed out after standing up for two hours while being painted in the Las Vegas heat for the shoot.

Miss Universe Jamaica Yendi Phillips and Miss Haiti, Sarodj Bertin, joined many of the contestants who opted out of the topless option, wearing a bikini and body paint.