Fresh from completing a degree in psychology at the Florida International University, Sanjay returned to Jamaica some years ago to pursue music which is his heartbeat and one true love. Many viewed his musical ambition with skeptism, he had to be an educated uptown yute with too much time on his hands or a wannabe DJ whose interest would burn out fast. Some may even cite his current work in TV as a presenter and producer as proof of him not being serious about his music.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sanjay, a long term planner who is always looking towards the bigger picture, is grateful for his opportunities and experience learning and collaborating with industry talents such as Luciano, Vybes Kartel, Tami Chynn, Aidonia and Ce’Cile. The knowledge he received from working with producers like Christopher Birch, Steven McGregor, Mikey Bennett and Arif Cooper has helped to broaden his musical horizons considerably and inspired him to learn about all aspects of the music.

His time behind the camera as a producer for TV shows such as The Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has given him a keen appreciation for the value of team work and good production work. His stint before the camera as host for TVJ’s Intense has introduced his charismatic personality into the homes and hearts of thousands of Jamaicans.

Sanjay’s dedication to the industry is even more evident by the fact that he has now started his own record labelPortland Cottage Productions’ named for his place of birth and from this label has released his latest single the very infectious ‘love the way you move’ for which he performs lead vocals alongside upcoming singer J Edge.  The video for love the way you move’ was directed by Ian Guthrie and Carl Durrant.

Love the way you move is my way of saying to Jamaica that music is still and will always be my number one passion’ Sanjay stated. ‘I am serious about getting better and working with genuinely talented people like J Edge and most importantly I wanted this single to show all the people who have supported me from the beginning that I am appreciative of the love and acceptance no matter what hat I am wearing,’ he concluded


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