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This Guest Post was written by Sashana Sanderson, 2nd Year Journalism Student at Caribbean Institute of Media & Communications (CARIMAC), located on the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.


Innovations, style, creativity, are just a few words to describe today’s youth in Jamaica. The irie land of Jamaica popularly known for its gorgeous beaches and jamming reggae music has for decades been crippled by high unemployment, lack of financial resources and violence particularly among its youth.

These issues have led to the merging of partnerships, to harness the creativity of the youth as a means to generate income, thereby creating jobs which in turn will build our economy. The World Bank in conjunction with other key stake holders has decided to use the Virtual Industry with a combination of the Visual Arts as a means to this end in Jamaica.

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Jamaica is overloaded with talented people with a knack for innovation and business zeal. Hence when the World Bank, through its Jamaica Country Office, contacted me to be a Ambassador for its upcoming KingsTOOn Festival, a 2-day Animation Conference and Film Festival to be held at UWI Mona Visitors’ Lodge on June 20th and 21st, I did not hesitate.

To be honest, I was brimming with enthusiasm for several reasons, chiefly because of the opportunity, but more importantly the general ethos of ‘animating Jamaican creativity’ (the event’s theme). What particularly tugged at me was how the festival could be a catalyst for employment and, prospects for professional careers for Jamaicans and foremost a platform for interactions with persons/companies in the global animation industry.

On Friday, May 24, 2013, I and 11 other youngsters from Jamaica and the Caribbean accepted our roles as “KingsTOON Animation Media Ambassadors”. Amongst our duties are: Actively promote KingsTOON Festival; engage young Jamaicans and Caribbean nationals about the festival and the animation competition. In this regard, over the next couple weeks leading up to the KingsTOON Festival, I will be sharing blog entries and interviews here, tweeting from @Lgrandison and posting pictures via my Instagram account.

Kingstoon Festival


KingsTOON is a 2-day Animation Conference and Film Festival, bringing together leading global animation companies with local animation companies, operators, investors, students and policy makers to turn talent and skill into a significant and professional career to satisfy a growing demand/gap for animation products. The festival which takes place over two day, June 20-21, 2013, at UWI’s Mona Visitors’ Lodge & Conference Centre will help Jamaicans and Caribbean nationals etch a share of the over US$222.8 billion industry.

The first day will feature panel discussions and workshops on the opportunities, and how to position oneself to take advantage of the situation. Day 2, will showcase Jamaican and Caribbean talents working in the industry and related fields. The day will also feature the announcement of the winners in the KingsTOON Animation Competition for:

•             Best Script and Storyboard (Jamaica)

•             Best experimental animation (Jamaica)

•             Best character (Jamaica)

•             Best final animation product (Caribbean)

For more information on the details of these categories and the competition please visit here

Winners will receive full scholarships to study animation in Canada at Sherdian College and Nova Scotia College courtesy of the Canadian High Commission; Animation tablets; animation software; Mac Computers; Internship with companies in the Caribbean and training with Canadian software company ToonBoom.

Enter the Animation Competition now! Visit for more info.

Hip-hop artiste Beyonce has release a brand new single Best Thing I Never Had, the latest in an installment of songs for her anticipated summer album 4. This June 1st release of Best Thing I Never Had comes on the heels of the recent Run the World (Girls), which still have music lovers and fans of the singer expressing different opinions as to its superstar impact and after 5 weeks on the Billboard 100 chart is rank at 50.

Best Thing I Never Had however has this catchy chorus and this spunk about it, which would explains the Billboard 100 recording as getting one of the greatest airplay and sales gains this week.

One line from B’s Best Thing I Never Had apart from the chorus that is literally stuck in my head is: “When I think of the time I almost loved you/ You showed your ass and I saw the real you”).

Here is the words to the chorus i know you’re gonna wanna have:

“I wanted you bad/ I’m so through with it/ Cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had/ You turned out to be the best thing I never had/ And I’m gon’ always be the best thing you never had/ I bet it sucks to be you right now.”

Check out the song below and tell me what you thing!

Jamaican entertainer and businessman Vybz Kartel is no stranger to media spotlight, whether radio, Television, blog, podcast the artiste is known for controversy, or some would say hugging  the media. The artiste whose United States Visa was revoked sometime ago has been in the light for matters relating to Cake Soap, bleaching, tattoos, the Illuminati/Secret Societies,  as well as his expulsion of artistes once managed by him in the Portmore Empire also known to fans as the Gaza Camp.

Vybz Kartel, who is expected to perform for fans in Miami via satellite on today latest drama comes with the break-up with him and business partner Corey Todd and accusations leveled at Kartel. Below catch an exclusive Entertainment Report video aired on local television station Television Jamaica with Corey Todd.

Fresh from completing a degree in psychology at the Florida International University, Sanjay returned to Jamaica some years ago to pursue music which is his heartbeat and one true love. Many viewed his musical ambition with skeptism, he had to be an educated uptown yute with too much time on his hands or a wannabe DJ whose interest would burn out fast. Some may even cite his current work in TV as a presenter and producer as proof of him not being serious about his music.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sanjay, a long term planner who is always looking towards the bigger picture, is grateful for his opportunities and experience learning and collaborating with industry talents such as Luciano, Vybes Kartel, Tami Chynn, Aidonia and Ce’Cile. The knowledge he received from working with producers like Christopher Birch, Steven McGregor, Mikey Bennett and Arif Cooper has helped to broaden his musical horizons considerably and inspired him to learn about all aspects of the music.

His time behind the camera as a producer for TV shows such as The Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has given him a keen appreciation for the value of team work and good production work. His stint before the camera as host for TVJ’s Intense has introduced his charismatic personality into the homes and hearts of thousands of Jamaicans.

Sanjay’s dedication to the industry is even more evident by the fact that he has now started his own record labelPortland Cottage Productions’ named for his place of birth and from this label has released his latest single the very infectious ‘love the way you move’ for which he performs lead vocals alongside upcoming singer J Edge.  The video for love the way you move’ was directed by Ian Guthrie and Carl Durrant.

Love the way you move is my way of saying to Jamaica that music is still and will always be my number one passion’ Sanjay stated. ‘I am serious about getting better and working with genuinely talented people like J Edge and most importantly I wanted this single to show all the people who have supported me from the beginning that I am appreciative of the love and acceptance no matter what hat I am wearing,’ he concluded


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For Booking and Press Info contact:

L. Nicole Brown/Imagine Dat Entertainment Agents/876. 946.0234 /946.0963

Listen & Watch Sanjay LATEST song and video with J-Edge below:

ALL JAMAICAN ARTISTS (visual, literary, performing, culinary), once conditions are met, are being invited to show and offer works at Iberostar all throughout the year. It’s ‘Jamaica GALLEUSEUM-in-the-making’!
At Iberostar Hotel, Rose Hall, MONTEGO BAY, in Jamaica West Indies over 3,000 new guests each week indulge in:
1. Artworks shown and sold at Suite Jamaica, Gallery of Fine Arts
2. ‘Art to Heart’ display of prints and photographs with option to order originals or buy works shown

3. Art Eye Jamaican – monthly exhibitions for exposing artists

4. Specially-designed workshops or demonstrations by visual and performing artists
5. Special opportunity readings by poets, authors; and other slated performances
6. Opportunity is also there for promotion of products and services relating, on conditions applicable
7. Promotions catalogue of Jamaican artists

8. Features on the guests themselves

9. etc

Gallery operator/curator, Anthea McGibbon says the overriding objectives by both hotel and management area. exposing and selling artworks by Jamaica artists, b. earning funding for projects of OAaSIS Foundation, while c. enabling Jamaican artists to earn from their skills. As a main benefit to the Iberostar hotel, international visitors have a piece of Jamaica to take home without leaving premises, while they learn of Jamaican artists and culture, and indulge in workshops on the Jamaica arts.
She says that since the unofficial opening, guests request services such as sketching, facepainting and actual hands on workshops.

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The following is a story submitted by Dexter Communications Inc US Correspondent.

Jamaican-born Fashion Designer JOHNPAUL PIERRE showcased his Fall 2011 Collection to a packed Manhattan exclusive venue last night, rocking New York with “BOLD IN AFRICA”.

After showing in Philadelphia and Los Angeles California, BRAATA PRODUCTIONS believed it was New York’s turn to experience this undoubted young talent who proved to the packed venue that JOHNPAUL PIERRE is indeed “timeless, fresh and innovative”.

Shades of Africa ignited the room with some of New York’s elite models. The designer showcased 13 out of his possible 17 pieces, as 4 of his Fall creations are already booked for international recording artistes and New York business executives, thus could not be put on the run way.

When asked about the inspiration behind the collection, JOHNPAUL PIERRE said, “I am inspired by all women, and Africa being dubbed the “Motherland”, I felt the need to zoom in on that aspect of my creativity, using African fabric and African inspired cuts; what has transpired here tonight is a manifestation of my hard work, the work of my entire production team, meetings and consultations across the United States and tapping into my global contacts”.

This “Wine and Cheese” event brought AFRICA to the West in a very BOLD way, as JOHNPAUL PIERRE experimented with the use of elastic to ably hug every curve of each model, hence each creation was like gowns painted on a flawless frame – any frame.

BOLD in AFRICA was complimented by new designer, Natalie Woods, this being her first showing was very impressive. The entire event did not have one lull moment, high energy interspersed with excitement from start to finish, as music and visual art got married to fashion. The event featured Visual artiste Howard Hamilton and Fly Focus Photography by Qas. HBO Def Jam Poet “RIVA” had the venue glued to her every word and performances from Mario Evon, Smax, Nikki Njoi, Freddie Cosmo and World Championship of the Performing Arts Gold Medalist Andrew Clarke had the audience in a boldly rocking to every beat.

In a Press Release from the Directors of BRAATA PRODUCTIONS, the company highlighted its commitment to the arts and its unwavering support for upcoming artistes, hence such talent being exposed at the BOLD in AFRICA event.

Internationally acclaimed stylist, make-up artiste and video director Dexter “3D” Pottinger who flew in from Jamaica for the show, Karl Williams, Jamaican-born Actor, along with noted Philanthropist and Entrepreneur/Journalist Lawman Lynch, were among the many celebrities in the audience; both of whom gave the show an “A” grade, articulating the fact that the world of fashion is now the play ground for JOHNPAUL PIERRE.

“A night of Fashion”, showcasing “BOLD IN AFRICA” was hosted by Andrew Clarke who is a recipient of the Prime Minister Youth in Excellence Award (Jamaica) and was a BRAATA PRODUCTION and JOHNPAUL PIERRE Production.