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Anticipations are high for this month staging of  KingsToon festival, a  two-day animation conference and festival
June 20-21, 2013 at UWI Mona Visitors’ Lodge & Conference Centre, which will provide the opportunity for local and regional animators to get a foothold in the growing US$222.8 billion global animation industry.

I had the chance to catch up with the KingsTOON Project Manager & Consultant in the Sustainable Development Unit of the World Bank Iván Gonzalez Berenguer Pena to find out what the event. Check out the interview below for the 4-1-1.


POLICE this morning raided the home of Kingston Mayor, Desmond McKenzie.

A police source said the cops were interested in a sports utility vehicle which was suspected to have been featured in suspicious activity in Tivoli Gardens. However the cops discovered that the vehicle they were interested in was not the one at McKenzie’s residence.

Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie

“The police went there asked some questions and left,” the source said.

McKenzie, who is the councillor for the Tivoli Gardens division, grew up in the community and is a protege of former Member of Parliament fo West Kingston and Prime Minister Edward Seaga.

He now resides in the upscale community of Waterworks in upper St Andrew.

Police are intensifying their search for wanted fugitive Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke who has been on the run since the security forces launched a major offensive against his former stronghold last week Monday.

Coke’s brother Laighton ‘Levity’ Coke — whose name was included on a police most wanted list a week ago — turned himself in to the police yesterday.

Levity joins his brother’s business partner, Justin O’Gilvie in custody.

Police are also looking for Harry Mcleod, also called ‘Harry Dog’; Prince Bucket, also called ‘Tugman’; and Paul KirkPatrick, otherwise called ‘Teddy Paul’ who are believed to be members of the Shower posse.

[Update via Jamaica Observer]