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Tonight, Tonight, under the distinguish patronage of Divas, Tifa and Tami Chynn, the Quad Pt 2 is expected to transform as both plays host to another Certified Diva Night Out.

Both artistes’ play voice to Certified Divas, described as one of the hottest and best cross-over single in dancehall music lately. The single produced by Washroom Entertainment has been receiving heavy rotation on local radio stations.

A release from Headline Entertainment gave, “Since the release of the single the Artistes have teamed up with director Dexter Pottinger, and Xaymaca Dance Troupe with a view to creating a visual experience to dazzle, impress and enhance the vibe of this club banging number.”

Certified Diva Night Out at the Quad Pt 2 is for all the independent, sexy, hardworking DIVA’s to come out and play. This familiar mid-week spot opens its doors to the countless Dancehall DIVA’s fashionably dressed with matching Diva like swag to enjoy a great party experience.

The club opens to patrons at 11pm ladies and college students with I.D. enter free before 1am, adm: $600.