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Gary Dixon, Wray & Nephews Marketing Director speaking at the Sting 30 launch

Gary Dixon, Wray & Nephews Marketing Director speaking at the Sting 30 launch

After 29 years, the greatest one night reggae and dancehall show on earth, Sting, has attracted hundreds of talented artistes to its stage along with millions of viewers and numerous corporate sponsors.  Fast forward to the 30th staging of this, the most anticipated stage show on the reggae / dancehall calendar, and Sting is now boosted with the return of Magnum Tonic Wine, to fuel Sting 30.


Strategic Advisor to the Sting 30 Board, Howard McIntosh, says this partnership is vital for the survival of the show:  “Corporate partnership is the life and blood of the event.  It is what makes the engine roll.  Required partnerships and support is necessary to making the event and industry survive.  The show suffered over the past 2 years without strategic partners as a partnership allows us to leverage the possibilities that the brand brings.


“This year Magnum Tonic Wine have demonstrated their support for Jamaican culture by coming on board as the presenting sponsor for Sting 30. Magnum is a perfect partner, and we are happy to have them back.  Magnum was on board for our 20th staging and we are all elated that they are back with us as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and are looking forward to a continued partnership for many years to come.”


Sting 30 Strategic Partners Gary Dixon, Josef Bogdanovich, Isaiah Laing and Howard McIntosh

Sting 30 Strategic Partners Gary Dixon, Josef Bogdanovich, Isaiah Laing and Howard McIntosh

Over the last 11 years, Magnum Tonic Wine invested significantly in Jamaican culture with partnerships such as Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall, Magnum Containa Satdaz, The Star’s Magnum All Star Face Off and their regular Magnum Road shows which all promote the Dancehall art form.


Marketing Director, Wines & Spirits at J. Wray & Nephew Ltd, Gary Dixon, explains why Magnum Tonic Wine decided to partner with Sting 30: “Sting is a Boss show and Magnum is a Boss drink, so this partnership makes sense.  Magnum is deeply associated with true and authentic Jamaican culture and Sting embodies that culture and gives it a stage for the world to see.


“We are working with Supreme Promotions and Downsound Records to ensure that Sting 30 is a responsible event and as such all patrons and artistes are expected to be on their best behaviour.  The organizers will be implementing all the necessary plans and procedures so that all our patrons will enjoy Dancehall in a clean responsible and safe environment.”


For 2013, Magnum Tonic Wine will be presenting American rapper 2 Chainz, Gully Gad Movado and the much anticipated return of the Dan Dadda Super Cat.

Magnum will also be doing several Sting 30 ticket giveaways on radio and through social media.  Magnum advises Twitter fans to follow the buzz with #MagnumStings for news, prizes and giveaways.


The 30th staging of the greatest one night reggae / dancehall show on earth has added immense value to its product by making this authentic cultural experience available to millions around the globe via pay-per-view.  This revitalised venture has not only re-attracted corporate sponsors like Magnum Tonic Wine, but has also brought on board a most valuable asset in the Jamaica Tourist Board who feel that Sting is a critical event to Jamaica tourism.


The excitement builds around the December 26th event with a stellar line-up featuring 2 Chainz, Super Cat, Movado, Ninja Man, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Lady Saw, Sizzla, Kiprich and many more of the hottest Reggae and Dancehall acts.




It was at Stone Love’s anniversary dance last year that Flossing King Flippa Mafia signalled his intention to have tongues wagging about him in a different kind of way.

Flippa, who was still the relatively new kid on the block, had the song Dem Yah And Dem Yah making a dent in the dancehall. Dressed in Gucci from head to toe, and armed with his aura of excitement, Flippa swaggered on the Stone Love stage, did his song, and then, to the delight of the audience, popped a bottle of champagne, poured it over the stage and then dipped in his pocket and came up with real money which he scattered in the crowd. The Flossing King was born.

Some revelled in the moment, others chastised him, while the media hyped him. What currency will Flippa throw out at Sting? they asked. Will it be pound sterling, or will it be US? The Flossing King threw out both. And the talk grew, and so too did interest in this artiste and his songs.

It’s soon time for the Boxing Day event again, and the Mafia, having enjoyed a challenging year, is in form and ready to Sting. Flippa enjoyed a real dancehall baptism, first with a dispute with Alliance CEO, Bounty Killer over the song (Some bwoy a hype over) Unfinished House and another with flamboyant deejay Elephant Man, with whom he trade tune-fi-tune insults. Flippa insisted then and is sticking to his story, “It’s all musical … nothing but a lyrical war.”

However, he is ready to take this lyrical match-up right to the Sting stage come December 26 at JamWorld in Portmore, St Catherine.

“It’s all about enjoyment and entertaining the fans. The dancehall has always been a place where word and sound meet … sometimes conscious, sometimes vulgar and other time just plain humorous,” Flippa reasoned. “A clash is all about who can provide the most entertainment without going overboard with the insult level. A man must know not to ‘OD’,” he said.

Having said that, what exactly does he have planned for Sting this year?

“Well, clash or no clash, the Flossing King will be stinging,” he promised

Source: Jamaica Observer