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It’s absolutely no secret natural hair has been a movement for several years, however, lately a lot more persons have been seen sporting the look. Many thinks what we’re seeing now is a confirmation that this is a lifestyle that is very important to a lot of persons, particular those who once thought they had to straighten their hair to “fit in” or”get ahead” in the workspace.

Local bloggers Island Essence are big supporters of the natural hair movement and will this Sunday host their first Natural hair Meet-Up in Jamaica. Here is a video with the full details of the event which happens this Sunday, June 9.



Is the Glass Half Full, Half Empty or did someone drink from it? Perhaps its waiting for a refill.

When the question “Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?” hit my mailbox, I was still in bed and so I first accessed it from my Blackberry Wireless Device about 10:50am Monday Morning. Yes, I did say I was still in bed…what’s wrong with being in bed at 10:50am? Come one, I was resting my body. I’m digressing.

Seeing the question, it never took me longer than enough time to repeat the question out loud, become I had the answer, REALIST. My first question was, instead it a matter of attitude? Followed by, aren’t they both fulfilling though?

Through our experiences, whether educational or in that of social groups like clubs and societies, we’ve come to associate optimism and pessimist with that familiar analogy of looking at the glass as being either half-full or half-empty; chiefly depending on the telescope we used to view our lives. Optimist is associated with looking at the glass as half-full and pessimist as half-empty, in interpretative terms the former dwells on hopeful aspects of life and the latter everything that is wrong or associated with the well of despair.

For me being an optimist or a pessimist is ALL about an attitude. An attitude of what we allow, to let us interpret the past, and present so our futures are impacted. Hence it is not uncommon then to hear the thoughts or attitudes of the following being expressed:

1. Optimism breathes life into you each day WHILE Pessimism drains you

2. Optimism helps you to take needed risks WHILE Pessimism plays it safe and never accomplishes much

3. Optimism improves those around you WHILE Pessimism drags people down

4. Optimism inspires others to great heights WHILE Pessimism deflate people to new lows

Being a REALIST have however allowed me to look at situations for what they are at the moment without hoping it will go away, because most of the times they won’t. Hence there’s no point in grumbling about it (whatever ‘it’ is) being never ending, because it perhaps never does. Life’s the same. We all need to face it; both good and bad things are going to happening to us whether we like it or not whether we look at the glass as being half-full or half-empty. It’s a natural part of life.

I would be lying, if I were not to admit that being positive is a natural part of each of our personalities, since the human spirit expect the best from everything.  As such, we ought to keep a natural balance between being optimistic and pessimistic termed being realistic. In doing this, we look at thing as honestly as possible using our experience and take steps to remedy potential pitfalls. Accordingly, instead of ignoring challenges because you’re trying to “be optimistic” and disappointing yourself you could save yourself from eventually become pessimistic. I GURANTEE YOU!


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Topic: Are you an optomist or a pessimist?

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Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?

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