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It’s been a while since O’Neil Peart worked his way into the hearts of thousands of Jamaicans via Digicel’s Rising Star competition. Armed with his guitar and innate talent this self thought, intuitive musician has been quietly honing his craft and working on his debut album under the guidance of some of Jamaica’s most talented and respected Producers including Willie Lindo, Stephen ‘di genius ‘ Mcgregor, and Paul ‘Computer Paul’ Henton.

His current single ‘Still Got the Blues’ has been enjoying steady air play on a number of popular radio stations in Jamaica and abroad with the music video over the last three weeks holding on and climbing steadily on HYPE TV’s HOT PICKS.

For a performing artist who found music relatively late in his young life, O’Neil is pleased with the direction that his career is going; ‘even though I never considered music as a career until I was mid way through Excelsior Community College I have been fortunate to make up for some lost time, Rising Star came along at the right juncture when I was looking for ways to broaden my musical horizons.’ And what an education and opportunity this experience was, paving the way for him to be featured on the finalists compilation album produced by Shane Brown. His song ‘Judge Dem’, became quite popular with the teenagers in the UK / Europe market

While grateful for this exposure and acclaimed including being the recipient for the Prime Minister’s award for excellence in 2008 Peart was not one to rest on his laurels, since then he has been hard at work writing and singing and performing as much as he can because he is in this business for the long haul.  With wisdom belying his youthful looks and years he commented ‘I’m confident that I have something to say, and music is something that I’m involved in for the long term. I see myself as an artist, and as such, I intend to present my own music, with my own perspectives, to Jamaica and, in time, the world.”

Story & Photo Credits: Scarlett-Deborah Beharie

Just over 30 hours Kingston is set to be the witness of a memorable moment in Reggae music as the popular group Nomaddzz partnered with Courts Jamaica and D. Bisasor & Associates Limited in giving us a premium wine inclusive event on Saturday March 27th 2010 at Finnigans Winery, 5 Cranbourne Avenue.
Comprising of Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, Chris Gordon and Oneil Peart, the group has served over a decade in the local entertainment industry as thespians, poets, and singers earning a well deserved reputation as one of the most exciting live performers in Jamaica with their dynamic, captivating performances which have grabbed the ears and hearts of fans throughout the Jamaican and the U.S Diaspora’s underground live reggae scene.

One of Jamaica's hottest musical poets.

The wine inclusive affair slated for this Saturday, March 27, will cost patrons $2000JMD per person or $3000 per Couple. In addition, Nomaddz will also recording their long awaited live album, an attempt which will stamp its place in Reggae history books as the first live Jamaican Reggae Album of the 21st century.

The album aptly named “The Trod” will be a limited edition double disc CD/DVD package which will be released prior to their Official Summer U.S tour which kicks off in late summer Miami at the annual Jamaica Independence day Festival.

Associate sponsors include TalkTV, Nexcite, D. Bisasor & Associates Limited, The Reggae News Corporation, AV Supports Services, DSE Media, Willy&Slim Entertainment, AppleTreeStudios, MutualMedia, and Shacks Restaurant & Catering.

For more information on the upcoming event and Nomaddz contact Sheldon Shepherd @ 1.876.312.3935 or visit facebook for the event NOMADDZ LIVE!!!
Date:   Saturday, March 27
Time:   8:50pm – 11:50pm
Location: Finnigans Winery, 5 Cranbourne Avenue