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Rapper Lil' Wayne.

Whipping his locks Lil’ Wayne seems to have gotten himself in a little Beyonce mood.

In a freestyle one minute plus video that hit the internet on August 4th, Rapper Lil Wayne was seen and heard playfully giving his version of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Yeah, that’s right! Single Ladies!

Through the one minute plus video Lil’ Wayne held a camera, while some alleged members of the Young Money crew were in the background dancing and making a mess.

When we first saw the video, the first impressions were: “another closet case homo…seems like the door of that closet dropped off”. Anyways we understand that Lil’ Wayne was in fact dissing Memphitz, the boyfriend – correction the husband (a wedding did happen this week y’all) – of his Ex-Girlfriend Toya.

So there is actually some sense to the rhymes of: “This is the remix, baby,”  and talks about combination locks and “putting a ring on it.”


So in another episode of Keeping Up With Bounty Killer it is rumoured that the ever-controversial entertainer who is known for his “cross, angry, miserable” slang is supposable to have proposed to his long-time girlfriend.

Now who would have guessed it?

However, these are all allegations and nothing has been confirmed yet if Bounty Killer whose real name is Rodney Pryce