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“Fronting” or “showboating”, or plain “Show-off”as Jamaicans like to put it, gets you nowhere. However this teen had to learn this when his Uncle gave him a WELL DESERVED ASS BEATING on webcam, where the teens friends and the internet community could marvel at.

“This is for all ya’ll people on facebook, ya’ll parents need to stop all these senseless crimes all this gang bang sh*t…,” were the words of the Uncle before giving the boy the lashings. Apparently the youngster lied about being apart of a gang on Facebook, his Uncle never thought it was funny and gave him something to “POST ON HIS WALL”.

If you ask me, the method chosen by this Uncle to disciplining his nephew was the BEST, since he publicly declared gang banging. This is just my opinion, so tell me in the comment box below how you feel about this.