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After weeks of bated breaths and pines for her return, the ‘Fluffy Diva’ Khadine ‘Ms. Kitty’ Hylton will be back on afternoon radio on July 1. The effervescent radio/TV personality will return to Nationwide 90FM weekdays from 2pm-5pm with her show ‘Ms. Kitty Live’.

CEO of Nationwide 90FM Cliff Hughes highlights that Ms. Kitty “is returning home to welcoming and open arms as she will be an asset to the broadcasting industry and specifically the afternoon time slot”. Mr. Hughes says Ms. Kitty’s return to Nationwide 90FM in the 2-5pm slot “virtually completes the revamping of the station from 6am-2am and signals a repositioning of Nationwide 90FM in response to the changes in the radio landscape and wider economy”.

Ms. Kitty’s return not only promises to

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On his second stop for the Now and Forever tour, Sanchez continues to bring his energetic presence on stage. It is no doubt Sanchez followers comes in diverse sets. Friday night at Mangoville was your grown and sexy crowd and Monday night at SOB’s was the hottest young after-work crowd, who more than likely heard about Sanchez from their parents. Lines poured in early, in avoidance of missing out. LinkUp Radio’s DJ Kevin Crown set the mood with some reggae classics. DJ Dezzie impressed the crowd with conscience roots sounds and Fatta out of Stinga Movements set SOB’s in a dancehall pace.

Khristopher arrived on stage slowing down the pace with his lover’s rock vibe. Flourgon took it up a notch with his old school hits “We Run Tings” and “Big Batty Gyal”. When the don Sanchez took the stage it was non stop tunes like “Frenzy”, “Missing You”, and “Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone. One of the highlights of the night was Sanchez and Flourgon sharing the stage to perform their big record “Love Mi Girl Bad”.

it’s not too late to experience the presence of the profound Reggae Veteran. Friday, May 14th, Sanchez along with Flourgon, Khristopher and The Inner Roots band will be performing live at Club Tobago in Queens. Tickets are on sale at for $40.


May 14th 50% Sold Out
Club Tobago / 147-02 Liberty Avenue & Sutphin Blvd, Queens NY

May 15th 85% Sold Out
C-PAC / 1020 East 48th Street, Brooklyn NY

May 16th 81% Sold Out
Mingles / 4012 Boston Road, Bronx NY

Tickets are $40

For online purchase please visit

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