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For the last three hours the question everyone been asking me is: “is it true? Does Vybz Kartel have another porn video”?

According to my investigations Mouth said coming from a reliable source the artiste known in dancehall as a lyrist is a main character on a new, let me repeat NEW, sex tape.

Now Mouth source actually said that part of the tape somehow manage to leak! This time it leaked not via Bluetooth or some phone that got lost but actually to a porn company.

I’m sure you all remember earlier this year when the buzz on the internet was all about pictures of the man, known as the Gaza Emperor, on the receiving end for oral sex, ‘heads’ or ‘blow-job’ as it is commonly called, by a young woman; the  picture was presumable taken with a camera phone? Now if you don’t remember please see link below!

Vybz Kartel Stars Adult Content Movie…promise to take the Box office by storm!!!

Back to the story, the Porn Company, we have understand did their screening of the leaked material and have contacted the Gaza top man himself in an attempt to acquire legal rights to release the tape. Movie Star…a think that sounds good Kartel, no matter what movie, you’re surely a MOVIE STAR!

Mouth said this venture could prove to be financially rewarding for the man who heads the Portmore Empire and could see him making up to US$ 500,000 if he accept the deal from the porn company.  Stay tune I may just decide to, if I get the tape, to do a special screening.