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Guest Post by Sashana Sanderson, 2nd Year Journalism Student at Caribbean Institute of Media & Communications (CARIMAC), located on the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

When one thinks of the term the Next GENDERation several things may come to mind, for some it’s the empowerment of men and women or a focus on young people in terms of their gender, for others it’s about emphasizing the teachings of Marcus Garvey seeking true equality for both men and women.

In all of these perspectives, there is some commonality, for Dwayne Gutzmer, President of the CARICOM Youth Program, the Next GENDERation is about catching the next crop of innovative and creative young people out of violence. But what does the Next GENDERation Initiative mean to you?

The Next GENDERation Initiative is a partnership agreement between the Government of Jamaica, local agencies and the World Bank. It aims to raise awareness and promote discussion among youth, local organizations and the government on youth violence using specifically a gender perspective. Youth violence and violence generally is seen as a development problem in Jamaica. The idea is that to solve this developmental problem, youth violence can be better understood if analyzed focusing primarily on gender.

Traditionally, when people hear the term gender voiced in society, they immediately think about women’s issues or female empowerment but really, the term involves a lot more. Essentially it’s described as the social construction of men and women. In other words it’s how society perceives the role of a man as opposed to a woman.

The World Development Report (2012) identifies education and awareness campaigns targeting the youth population as a good way to rid the cultural norms and behaviours which contribute to violence. As a result, one of the goals of the Next GENDERation Initiative is to develop appropriate and creative messages in an innovative way against violence. These messages will be done primarily by young men and women to be used by the government in national communication campaigns.

The Next GENDERation Initiative also seeks to incorporate elements of society which affect gender such as cultural norms and societal behaviours. Some of the areas focused on in the initiative include; Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Gang Violence and Bullying, each portraying societal norms, and their effect of gender.

The first day of the launch of the initiative was Monday in Montego Bay at the Gloustershire Hotel, several youth organizations, government agencies as well as youth from several community organizations were in attendance.

So far the discussions have been lively and engaging, involving role plays and interactive sessions, much to the benefit of the participants who openly appreciated the knowledge gained from the presentations at the launch. Some of the issues that came out of the discussions were the role of the technology, the role of the media, constraints on gender equality, access to information and the influence of the home.

Keen attention was paid at the relationship between violence and social norms, as the two are closely related in the Jamaican context. Along with the issues there were also a number of potential messages against youth violence as well as ideas on how to further the cause of the Next GENDERation Initiative. Terisa Thompson, President of the JSI and avid youth advocate, explained that in terms of the role of the home in influencing change, parents need to know their children, and know exactly how and what to teach their children. She shared ideas on how to further the cause of the initiative by exploring all avenues of technology, and using popular social websites for easy sharing of information.

The Next GENDERation Initiative is will host the second day of its launch in Kingston on Wednesday. It is the first of three phases and its administrators anticipate great and wonderful things on the second day and thereafter.


Its not the first time that Barbadian-born Pop singing sensation Rihanna have found herself at the centre of controversy. In fact, she might just be accustomed to hitting headlines as she is about getting those chart-topping singles.

It was only recently that the singers love life, in that of her abusive relationship with her now former ex-boyfriend Chris Brown rocked the media. Yeah, we’ve heard that she has “moved” on from Chris Brown to Matt Kempt then we got news that the relationship with the two when on a hold. But why?


Hollywood model named Natasha “Tajah” Burton.

Paparazzi website have noted that the singer is now the centre of a lesbian tale. The site notes that a Hollywood model named Natasha “Tajah” Burton is spilling details of what happens to be a steamy girl-on-girl encounter with RiRi in a Tell-All book. One of the juicy coated story in the book is a lesbian encounter with Tajah and the Only Girl in the World singer Rihanna.

I’m not sure if I’m to believe that this encounter is true, because of course I want to see a video of this Rihanna lesbian encounter. I want to see a video or photos of Rihanna head down in Tajah underneath; prove just have to be there, that is all I’m saying. Or even a telephone clip with Rihanna saying something like: “you’re delicious…I still can taste you” or something freakish.

Whatever the situation, you Go Rihanna!!

Here is the transcript, I know you just want to get the details:Get the Juice on Rihanna

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Charly Black is the latest member  of the Portmore Empire, better known in some circles as the Gaza Empire, led by Vybz Kartel to have release a video for one of their songs. Black also joins the ranks of Vybz Kartel and Sheba with Like Christmas also release this month as the BEST videos so far to be release by that camp.

This video is not done locally and perhaps that is the reason why it has such “clean” footage. The video starts off with a couple arguing, where a female insist on leaving her male partner who is also abusive and refuse to allow her to leave. If you follow the song this start off seems good and perhaps predictable since the song speak about a female telling Charly Black ‘she will never love again.’

Charly Black has his swagger all turn up, with a slight resemblance, or should i say a style which seem to have been influence by T.I the rapper.

Some aspects of the video were a bit weak, for example there could have been some more fire to convince us that the love being display for the camera while he sat in the park singing to the female character was real when he started caressing her face. Also aspects of the domestic violence were a big “no-no” and required more work.

Watching the video i kept saying “Portmore Empire improved!” Tell me if you’re impress with the video which takes on domestic violence.

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The all too familiar case of dancehall star Bounty Killer, who was recently charged by the Constant Spring Police Station for wounding his girlfriend, was earlier this morning granted bail in the sum of $500,000.

A few weeks ago local television stations reported that the woman claimed the deejay whose real name is Rodney Pryce had beaten her with a hammer, an electric mosquito zapper and a chain.

Bounty Killer, known for his ‘cross, angry, miserable’ stage-line was accompanied this morning by the woman who claimed he abused her seeking to have the case dropped and for both to attend mediation. She reasoned that she wanted a continuation of the relationship between herself and the Killer.

However the presiding Judge Shelly Williams, would not have it and refused to drop the case, instead setting a trial date of November 19.

My View
I will never get to understand abuse relationships or abusees. For one we were originally informed through media reports/speculation that the woman was allegedly injury in what was a play with her lover, Killer. While I never entirely bought the story it was getting a little leniency from me because I was think perhaps of the possibility that individuals have different sexually taste, and Bounty Killer’s mighty just have been one.

I’m not attempting a justification of Bounty Killer beating his girlfriend but just saying what came to mind first when I heard the story.

I’m sure exactly what this woman hopes to achieve from a mediation with Mr. Pryce, but I do hope she knows she can be charged for perverting the law. Its nothing new Mr. Pryce has been charged with domestic violence and other related charges before, but why are these women not testifying against him?

Where are all these women empowering organisations in Jamaica, why aren’t they playing a role in assisting this woman? Why are situations like this allow to continue before the court? Is there any means that this case can be tried using the testimony or statement of the alleged abusee?

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