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The number of Digicel Rising Stars’ host hopefuls is now down to five after one of the contestants told the show’s producers that she can no longer be considered for the job. Former Miss Jamaica World, Terri-Karelle Reid, says she could no longer be considered for the top spot as it was conflicting with her responsibilities at her present job.

In a letter to the Digicel Rising Stars’ producers, Terri-Karelle said she had to pull out of contention for the job as it has proven to be a conflict of interest with her current job as General Manager at Spartan Health Club and the Miss Jamaica World Competition, a competition in which Spartan Health Club is heavily involved.

Former beauty queen Terri-Karelle

In the letter, Terri-Karelle Reid said she was grateful for the opportunity and was sorry that she had to withdraw: “I will be forever appreciative to you and your crew for affording me the privilege of being a part of the selected six. I was not expecting this at all and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.” Terri-Karelle ends her withdrawal letter to the Digicel Rising Stars’ producers by wishing them a successful 7th season: “I extend the warmest wishes to the TVJ/Digicel Rising Stars crew and wish for you a successful 2010 staging.”

Meanwhile, Digicel Rising Stars’ producer, Sharon Schroeter, says it’s unfortunate that Terri-Karelle had to pull out but they understand: “I was shocked when I heard the news but we have to respect her wishes. Terri-Karelle is a very talented individual and the Digicel Rising Stars family wishes her the best in whatever she does.”

So Jamaica will now have to choose the next Digicel Rising Stars host from the five remaining host hopefuls: Kemesha Bolton, Camesha McRae, Deidre James, Julie Malcolm and Lady Rennae.

Article provided by the Publicity Managers for Digicel Jamaica Rising Stars, ALYKHAT PR (Publicity Raconteurs)

It’s been a while since O’Neil Peart worked his way into the hearts of thousands of Jamaicans via Digicel’s Rising Star competition. Armed with his guitar and innate talent this self thought, intuitive musician has been quietly honing his craft and working on his debut album under the guidance of some of Jamaica’s most talented and respected Producers including Willie Lindo, Stephen ‘di genius ‘ Mcgregor, and Paul ‘Computer Paul’ Henton.

His current single ‘Still Got the Blues’ has been enjoying steady air play on a number of popular radio stations in Jamaica and abroad with the music video over the last three weeks holding on and climbing steadily on HYPE TV’s HOT PICKS.

For a performing artist who found music relatively late in his young life, O’Neil is pleased with the direction that his career is going; ‘even though I never considered music as a career until I was mid way through Excelsior Community College I have been fortunate to make up for some lost time, Rising Star came along at the right juncture when I was looking for ways to broaden my musical horizons.’ And what an education and opportunity this experience was, paving the way for him to be featured on the finalists compilation album produced by Shane Brown. His song ‘Judge Dem’, became quite popular with the teenagers in the UK / Europe market

While grateful for this exposure and acclaimed including being the recipient for the Prime Minister’s award for excellence in 2008 Peart was not one to rest on his laurels, since then he has been hard at work writing and singing and performing as much as he can because he is in this business for the long haul.  With wisdom belying his youthful looks and years he commented ‘I’m confident that I have something to say, and music is something that I’m involved in for the long term. I see myself as an artist, and as such, I intend to present my own music, with my own perspectives, to Jamaica and, in time, the world.”

Story & Photo Credits: Scarlett-Deborah Beharie

Digicel Rising Stars, Jamaica’s popular staple talent show that debut in 2004 on Television Jamaica (TVJ)  is Jamaica’s is back! Well not quite yet! The talent show is expected to take a different approach this year when kicks off the season with its first contestant audition on Saturday April 10 at the Leibas Gas Station, May Pen .

The producer of the show are promising an exciting-packed season seven with a new-package of : a New Host, New Chill Room Host, New Format, New Set Design, and a New Audition schedule!

Sorry to disappoint potential contestants, but Anthony “Killer” Miller remains! Clyde McKenzie and Nadine Sutherland  are still guaranteed as well as  several guest judges throughout the season.

The ‘Fluffy Diva’ Miss Kitty is expected to take over the reigns from Kerie-Ann ‘Kiki’ Lewis-Thombs as host of the Chill Room.


“The show will now only air on Sundays with the Results segment (30 minutes) starting the show.  As in previous years, all Live shows will be held at the Courtleigh Auditorium however this year there will be no Mas Camp Live Final show.  The Live Final show will be held at the Courtleigh Auditorium and will air from 8PM – 10PM,” quoted a release by Alykhat PR, the publicist firm responsible for Digicel Rising Stars.

The 'Fluffy Diva', Ms. Kitty!

Digicel Rising Stars is expected to run on local television station TVJ from June 6 to September 19, each Sunday from 8PM to 9:30PM.

After announcing Yendi Phillips departure from the show questions began swirling as to who would be her replacement. Yendi has been hosting Digicel Rising Stars since it 5th Season when then host Denise Hunt left the show in the 4th season in 2008.  Unlike last time when Yendi replaced Denise Jamaica will have a say in who becomes the next host of the 2010 season, through voting!

Alykhat PR notes that the position of Host for Digicel Rising Stars will be offer through Open Auditions in Montego Bay and Kingston from which 6 potential Hosts (decided by Digicel Rising Stars Producers) will be shortlisted and given a chance to publicly audition for Jamaica during Contestant Auditions.  The new Host will be announced on the first live show on Sunday July 4.

The Host Audition in Montego Bay will take place at the Wexford Court Hotel between 2 and 7 PM on March 30. While the Kingston auditions for Host of Rising Star 2010 will take place at the Knutsford Court Hotel from 12PM to 7PM on Thursday the 1st of April. All auditions for Host are open to males and females 18 years and older.


In the mean time Auditions for persons wanting to be the 2010 Digicel Rising Star will take place in 5 locations across the Island for only 1 day with the exception of Kingston. Five persons will be selected by the Judges from each location with the exception of Kingston where 10 will be selected.

The dates for contestant auditions are:

  1. Saturday April 10 – Leibas Gas Station, May Pen
  2. Sunday April 11 – Portmore Heart Academy, Portmore
  3. Saturday April 17 – The Wexford, Montego Bay
  4. Sunday April 18 – Hibiscus Lodge, Ocho Rios
  5. Saturday April 24 & Sunday April 25 – Girl Guides HQ, Kingston

Digicel Rising Stars is open to anyone over the age of 16, who is not currently signed to a management or recording contract, and is a citizen of Jamaica or has a visa, entitling them to enter and work in Jamaica. At the auditions, participants may either perform individually or in groups of up to six. With six auditions this season, participants who are unsuccessful at one location may try again at any other location.

Click for Airing Schedule of the 2010 Season of Digicel Rising Stars

Contestants will be battling this year for the first prize of J$1,000,000 and a music video, while first and second runner-ups will respectively receive J$600,000 and J$400,000. Sponsors this year are Digicel (of course), KFC, Pepsi, TVJ, RJR Communications Group, The Star, Knutsford Court Hotel and the Courtleigh Auditorium.

Kerie "Kiki" Lewis center (yellow top) is flanked by some of the 2009 Digicel Rising Stars Contestants in the Chill to be taken over by Miss Kitty.

Sunday Jun 6 – Digicel Rising Stars 2009 Review
Sunday Jun 13 – May Pen and Portmore auditions
Sunday Jun 20 – Montego Bay and Ocho Rios auditions
Sunday Jun 27 – Kingston & St. Andrew auditions

[Schedule continue below]

Brown Sugar, the 2009 winner of the Digicel Rising Stars Talent Competition creates an electric effect on stage in 2010 with Shady Squad in the sixth season.

Sunday Jul 4 – Live show 1
Sunday Jul 11 – Live show  2

Sunday Jul 18 – Live show 3
Sunday Jul 25 – Live show 4
Sunday Aug 1 – Live show 5
Sunday Aug 8 – Live show 6

Sunday Aug 15 – Live show 7
Sunday Aug 22 – Live show 8
Sunday Aug 29 – Live show 9
Sunday Sep 5 – Live show 10

Sunday Sep 12 – Live show 11

Sunday Sep 19 – Live Final Show

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