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The challenge today is: Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good looking?
Bonus: What if you could be both, but not at the same time?

This should have been posted yesterday, but I delayed it because I wanted to know what my Twitter followers were thinking and tweeted it. As expected I got some good conversation just by asking the above question. Majority of the persons opined that they would take super-intelligence over super-beauty, as a matter of fact only one person choose the latter.

I just had a conversation with a friend about this said topic and the question to me was, ‘people still ask those questions’?

I’m afraid they do.

For me it doesn’t takes any amount of brain work to say I’ll take super intelligence over being super beautiful. My answer is grounded in several reasons, chiefly by the adage, “a brain is a terrible thing to waste.” Additionally, beauty fades and as we were taught at school the education we gain through being intelligent “will never decay”. With intelligence you can be concur, do and be whatever you want. Fourthly, I believe brain trumps beauty. I’m drawn to intelligence/brains, I find it sexy. Its like those with intelligence just pulls you in, which is the total opposite of the airheads and often times boring folks considered “beautiful”.

Come to think of it what can you do if you’re extremely beautiful/good looking? Perhaps, sit and look good? Or file my nails and do all sort of beauty treatments?

BONUS -If Could Have Both
Is this where reasoning is test, like in a Maths exam? On a serious not, the bonus part of the challenge makes the question much more interesting to look at.

A blend of both isn’t bad, in fact, that’s what I truly want because beauty without substance personify a lack of true beauty in my eyes. While on the other hand intelligence without a bit of beauty often gets ignored for something superficial, like some beauty competition. A clear example of this, I honestly believe, is seen in the plethora of beauty pageants being developed here in Jamaica for every and any possible thing. From my own experience the problem of being just intelligent could easily become a prison for one.

But if its a compulsory thing and we have to choose one and then the other as part of my daily life. I believe I would have to be super intelligent during the day and transform to be super beautiful in the night, where I’ll be the socialite of the town.

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