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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alumnus, singer and composer of “Stand By Me” Ben E. King is in Jamaica for a special Mother’s Day Concert dubbed ‘An Evening of Musical Memories and Excellence’.

The special Mother’s Day concert is being staged by the Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica’s (LMAJ) Kingston Chapter, and will be held on Mother’s Day at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston.

The former member of the Drifters known for hits like “There Goes My Baby,” and “Save The Last Dance For Me” will be in town”, will be joined by a mixture of local talents for a splendid evening including, Harold Davis, Maria Myrie, Boris Gardiner, Carole Reid, Jon Williams, Rory Baugh, Onaje Bell, Paulette Bellamy and Ouida Lewis.

The event will help raise money for the outreach projects catering to the elderly and shut-ins associated with the Lay Magistrate and Justices of the Peace and will be held under the  distinguish patronage of Custos Rotolum for the parish of Kingston the Honorable Steadman Fuller, C.D., JP.



Season 6 of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall came to an end moments ago when SASSY SILVA and JONNAH were announced as winners.

Each were awarded a million dollars, a single and a video.

The second place winners, CHARLENE SKYLAR and PAYNE, will not walk away empty handed as Downsound Records will award them $50,000 each, according to Skatta Burrell.

Following a week of high publicity, with Skatta being called out by dancehall artiste Khago for an apparent diss the previous week and claims by up-and-coming artiste Dazzla that I-Octane, last week’s guest judge on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall (MKQ), stole the concept of his She Want it All Night/Move Up Yuh Body song, the contestants were all expected to deliver exceptionally.

However, the twelfth live show did not prove to be balanced, as the three remaining princesses (all deejays) did a better job than their male-counterparts (two sing-jays and a deejay) who were unwilling to “start the war” as is custom.

Even when contacted neither were willing to say that they wanted to clash the other. And hence begs the question, what will happen this Saturday?

Skatta continued another week of controversy, as he donned a copy of the Jamaica Star, with the front-page story calling for an apology by Khago following on the 11th show. As he walked on stage a dub undertone about the newspaper story could be heard. He opened the paper, shook his head and Nah Apologize by Sizzla started to play to rousing applause.


Resident Judge Skatta Burrell making his entrance.

The audience was again treated to another surprise the MKQ Top Ten Song “Can’t Stop We” was premiered for the first time. Produced by Chimney Records, the single featured impressive vocals from SASSY SILVA, CHARLENE SKYLAR, MAKARIE, MINORI and KONFYDENCE for the princesses. While, SHACK, JONNAH, JAH BOUKS, PAYNE and BUCK 1 represented for the princes. The song was well received and quite shrewd to say the least.

Take a listen

After the song premiere lyrical face-off princess MAKARIE and the crackerjack SHACK were both packed and sent out of the ‘Magnum Mansion’; their destination, home, after receiving the lowest votes based on their performance on the last show.

The show took a different format this week, with all the princesses performing first, followed by the princes; all doing two songs each: a popular one from this season and a new one.


'Ask and it shall be given', seem to have been CHARLENE SKYLAR thinking when she took resident judge Skatta Burrell on his challenge.

The self-proclaimed Commander-in-Chief, CHARLENE SKLYAR, was the first to bat as she did Step to me Lively. She surprised the audience, as she performed to the challenge Skatta gave her the week before, which left him saying, “yuh step lively tonight, a swear…yuh step up! Ratings”. Fellow contestants and rivals SASSY SILVA and KONFYDENCE earned her wrath and judge Professor Nuts liked it and encouraged it by adding, “this a wah mi want see long time”. The guest judge SPICE, despite loving the act, told her to improve her confidence.

Miss Independence was executed by KONFYDENCE. Professor Nuts told her he found her persistence to his liking, given that many persons would want to see her drop out; the audience shouted ‘yes’ and lamented that she should have been sent home long ago. She seemed touch and on her return to the stage was hurling her frustration at everyone. Starting with, “mi tired every week the judge dem deh pon mi like house”. For much of her performance she lacked impact, got some applause, earning the biggest when she threw words at Skatta.

SASSY SILVA had the crowd in her palms as they sang to her ‘Prayers Me a Use”, which once saved her from an elimination. “CHARLENE and KONFYDENCE a go have problem tonight, because a Sassy the crowd a say,” said Skatta.

Skatta told her, “mi respect your fighting spirit”. However, Miss Kitty was more blunt, “no judge is here to get you… We are here to help you, to build you. If we were not on you, like we were, we would not have gotten this. Congrats on a job well done”.


JONNAH in his thobe.

An easy going JAH BOUKS launched into ‘Curves’, as his popular song. Patrons were heard saying, “mi think him did a go do the one how him woman a give him bun”. Nevertheless, he was commended by Professor Nuts for remaining himself throughout the competition. The second time around, Miss Kitty was his target with a groovy lovers selection, which caused her to beam and say, “I felt that JAH BOUKS. It was almost effortlessly done and packed with emotions”.

PAYNE pulled off his set with his “lyrically show-off self”, as Professor Nuts would say, in between “him hard”, “lyrics a fire” from several audience members.

Mr. One-One, JONNAH, was the last exhibit for the night with melody, theatrics and creativity on overdrive. The lyrics of his first song was modified to big up his campaign team, while the second saw him wearing a white thobe (a long robe worn by Muslim men, which is usually tailored like a shirt, but it is ankle-length and loose), sandals and rod in hand like Moses to deliver the people— as the intro to his gospel-themed song suggested.

The females ended the night declaring war on each other. CHARLENE SKYLAR promised “anyone a dem step to me dead”. KONFYDENCE had this to say, “mi a show them the real KONFYDENCE”. “A mi seh me a di general so me just a come fi murder them and done, ” SASSY SILVA opined.

The curtains were drawn on the show with SPICE executing her new single “Twerk” and dance of the said name

The electrifying eight ‘charged up’ Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall last Saturday, leaving behind pleased and not so pleased patrons, as the survivors of the ‘Magnum Mansion’ battled it out at D’Entrance.

With only three weeks of voting left in the competition, the Contestants were naturally putting their best efforts forward.  However, not before the previous week’s lowest was to be sent packing.

BUCK 1, who had more or less got an extension the previous week, had his rights revoked. But there was a slight tremor from fans when MINORI and KONFYDENCE were announced in the bottom two, because the former was way better. As fans bellowed MINORI’s name, host Yanique told KONFYDENCE that she was safe to a much disappointed audience.

With that out of the way, SASSY SILVA started the night with a reinvented version of her with a very teenage-esque appearance. JONNAH, who followed, was lauded for his usual creativity,  melody and stage craft.  Guest Judge MAD COBRA said to him, “nuh whale can’t swallow you. You good…every four bar yuh have a farwud”.

MAKARIE showed a softer side by singing against pedophiles. The judges thought it was a risk, because she needed to tighten some of her keys, but said the lyrics resonated well. JAH BOUKS injected his usual smooth and confident “haile” self, picking up comments of “having traits for crossover potentials” for the international market.

KONFYDENCE, after surviving another week, failed to spark any electricity among the judges given her weak performance. Skatta had a problem with her lyrics, saying it wasn’t representative of the level the competition is at. Miss Kitty thought the lyrics were basic. Miss Kitty added, “your shorts and your whole outfit, a do better than your performance. And when that’s happening, its a problem.”

PAYNE, CHARLENE SKYLAR and SHACK pulled the curtain on the show ahead of Guest Judge MAD COBRA’s closing performance.

PAYNE was told his song had the appeal of a jam one could play in their car or groove to. He was commended for his interactivity that got D’Entrance shouting “Payne a di boss”. CHARLEND SKYLAR regressed to her old self (problems with breathe control) somewhat and got a challenge from Skatta to bring stage craft and a better performance if she survived another week. While SHACK was asked to add more punchlines and sharpen his exit.

MAKARIE declared she hopes to take on SASSY SILVA for the crown. While declaring a position SASSY SILVA however said, “mi a de General fi di army and things a go get stormy.” CHARLENE SKYLAR also said she would tackle anyone.

Princes JONNAH and PAYNE spoke candidly on the topic, but stayed far away from declaring war against each other because they’re good friends outside of the competition. However, JONNAH insinuated that he would do what’s needed to cop the top spot.

JAH BOUKS spewed true rastafarian vibration,  saying he wouldn’t be clashing with no man and that they would need to send Miss Kitty for him to clash. SHACK, the 18-year-old kid on the block, shot that being a singer will not hamper his quest for the crown; and only said “silent river run deep.”



Jonnah making his rounds on stage, including singing to Miss Kitty. (Photo Credit: Ishango Photo)

Last Saturday, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall was mostly about strong performances, as the remaining 10 contestants showcased their talent in the second week of ‘the Magnum Mansion’.

The night had its surprises, including GLAMITY (Professor Nuts’ Wild Card) who was featured heavily in the contestants’ lyrics the previous week, was sent packing as she had the lowest votes. We all were in for another surprise as two of the better contestants, JAH BOUKS and TURBO J, agonizingly had to face-off for a single spot in the next room of ‘the Mansion’.

In the end JAH BOUKS was given a pass by Professor Nuts and Miss Kitty, for what they termed his “consistent performance”.


Fresh from his face-off, JAH BOUKS started ‘the Mansion’ show and earned top commendations from the judges. MINORI and PAYNE followed; earning a modest though notable response from the D’Entrance.

MAKARIE performed a song from her 2011 appearance in the competition with much more confidence and versatility, as she proclaimed herself to be a lyricist and the female version of Kartel.

BUCK 1, the contestant many believe should have been sent home, had to contend with an almost stiff audience. Skatta Burrell knocked him, “da performance nah buck a swear… It was almost annoying. You never settle pon di riddim.” The audience agreed, paving the way for a grieving KONFODENCE who took the stage. However, she fell short in connecting with the crowd and the judges.


SHACK creating a 'Shack-Attack' on stage and SASSY SILVA in shorts showing off legs.

It was star-boy SHACK who got the tempo going again with his “clean, ever fresh” chorus. Champion rider Charlene Skylar followed suit fully loaded with punchlines and better breath control than previous weeks.

JONNAH diverted from his usual theatrics to capture Miss Kitty’s heart with an Usher-like performance. In the midst, dancing, singing and popping a ring as he proposed to Miss Kitty on stage, which earned him several salutes, ‘farwuds’ and audience requests for more.

SASSY SILVA, whose relatively advanced age has been a mocking discussion by fellow contestants on stage, stepped out in a look we barely recognized backstage to show her 29 year-old age. She too received several salutes and found favour with the judges to cap a spot among the 10 contestants in ‘the Mansion’.

The show ended on a high, as guest judge for the night I-OCTANE took rounds as he performed several of his top singles, while TANYA CARTER, out of Belize, treated the audience at D’Entrance to her chart rising single “Ex-Boyfriend” produced by Christopher Birch.


I-Octane performing on the 10th Live at Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall on March 23, 2013. (Photo Credit: Ishango Photo)


Mrs. Donna Parchment Brown

A public education campaign on the National Policy for Gender Equality was launched March 8th by the Jamaican Government lead agency for gender matters, the Bureau of Women’s Affairs (BWA) along with the Dispute Resolution Foundation through the Way Out Project.

The launch took placed at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel as an initiative out of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to recognizes International Women’s Day (IWD) held under this year’s theme, “The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum”.

NPGE was launched in 2011 by former Minister of Youth,  Sports and Culture, Olivia Grange aimed at gender mainstreaming in national development, thereby enabling men and women to contribute equally to the country’s growth, while having equitable access to the protection and privileges of Jamaican citizenship.

Several persons including the Minister without portfolio in the OPM with responsibility for Information, Senator Sandrea Falconer, before having to leave underscored the importance of the policy and her government support.

While Kelly Tomblin, CEO of Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS) challenged private and public sectors to latch on to the policy. The JPS boss said her company had began the trailblazing. Tomblin also pointed, “companies with women on boards and decision-making positions see 35% more return on equity.”

Fulling the launch we caught up with Mrs. Donna Parchment Brown, CEO of the Dispute Resolution Foundation and asked tge question: “Women are doing so much better than men in Jamaica… haven’t we done enough now to re-balance the gender game?”

Her response:


Dean Palmer

As Jamaica’s boxing fans gear up for the first match in Season 3 of the Wray & Nephew Contender tonight, a boxer has withdrawn from the competition.

Our team was informed that Dean Palmer, a member of the Andrew Boland led Yellow team, has tossed his boxing gloves in following the first challenge for the show set to kick off at 9:30pm tonight on TVJ.

One source told us, “him ketch him ‘fraid and never want lose so early”. Members of the promotion team were mot immediately available for comment on the causality for the Yellow team.