With just two weeks before ‘the Magnum Mansion’ the 7th live show in the Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall talent show was nothing short of emotions, as the top 8 of Castle Red displayed their talents.

Pressure got mounted on the unfortunate contestants in the bottom two in the beginning for face-offs and followed by the night’s performance. CHARLENE SKYLAR and SEXY KAYDA got the ball rolling first. However Charlene’s lyrics gave her the nod over Kayda. While the judges had a little difficulty choosing between MOVAC and CHECK who to send forward. Miss Kitty initially said,  “the two a oonu get mi vote,” while Professor Nuts voted MOVAC. Host Yanique wouldn’t allow diplomatic immunity and insisted Miss Kitty selected someone. Kitty balance the scale, however, it Skatta’s vote that gave CHECK another chance at the crown. The decision saw mixed responses both from D’Entrance and Social Networking site Twitter. Many felt the decision was motivated out of biases because it is said that CHECK had linkage with the label Skatta works with, Down S