Last Saturday TVJ aired the 5th episode in the 5th season of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall. The show featured ten of the 20 remaining finalists, down from 24, competing for the coveted first place to be called King & Queen, and be rewarded 1 million with other prizes.

The last seven weeks (counting the combined audition shows on January 5th & 12th) we’ve seen performances to laugh at, questioned and downright send packing. Last Saturday, we got VIP Access to experience the weekly talent show, and boy-o-boy the comments were brutal. From the comments we put together a review in the first of our weekly MKQ Scoop until the final show.

The face-offs were first with Princesses Charlene Skylar and Glama, while the duo Ziphead & Elegance faced Buck 1 for the Princes. The obvious choice for the crowd were Charlene and Buck 1 the judges agreed and gave them a second chance.


Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall contestant SUSPENSE.

The 5th live show got on the way with Castle Red’s SUSPENSE giving a value-for-money performance, while sporting a hairstyle of pencils, rubbers, a lunchbox and a small knapsack that got tongues wagging. Asked by us to explain her style she said, “mi affi keep dem inna ‘suspense’ everytime”. In her song SUSPENSE counseled young girls on engaging in relationship with bus drivers and conductors.

JAH BOUKS followed, while he got several ‘forwuds’; we couldn’t help overhearing a group close to us saying, “he’s losing his mystical appeal…I don’t know…I need more from him to convince me he isn’t a one vibes artiste.” An all too familiar and monotonous vibes came from CHARLENE SKYLAR, who Judge Miss Kitty asked to work on her performance because it was somewhat lacking. BUCK 1 followed in Charlene’s footsteps with a seemingly expended energy after his face-off which earned comments like ‘boring’ and utterances of what ZIPHEAD & ELEGANCE would have given us.


Judge Skatta Burrell's Wild Card, CHECK.

Two Wild Cards were injected in the competition, the first Miss Kitty’s and the other from Skatta’s. A SEXY KAYDA was introduced as the former’s wild card. While performing patrons started questioning, “a can’t Miss Kitty’s Wild Card a galang with dem foolishness…no man.”


Skatta Burrell and Miss Kitty two of the judges for the talent show Magnum Kings &Queens of Dancehall.

As if hearing the comments from where we were, Miss Kitty, who had first preference to comment on SEXY KAYDA performance noted: ‘the female talent was lacking this year and as such it was difficult to find someone worthy’. With that out of the way she told her Wild Card, “I preferred your audition song to this…your audition song would have been more impacting this was basic…to be honest it can’t get you pass Harbour View Round-a-Bout.”

MOVAC, MINORI and Skatta’s Wild Card CHECK added back the real vibes that have become accustomed to Castle Red. MOVAC sported potent lyrics urging fathers to be responsible, which stirred quite a chatter and got several ‘forwuds’ from the audience. MINORI half stepped out of her ’empress-positive’ character delivered gushing lyrics that erupted the audience. In fact, the only talks we heard was that she could dress up her stage attire. Wild Card pick CHECK got arched eyebrows for his stage entrance, but in the end got everyone singing ‘check’.

Mixed responses were given to SASSY SILVA, some said she had good lyrics and others thought she was next to go home. It was the entertainment and the dynamic vibes of TURBO J that capped Castle Red’s performances. With a different vibe from ‘Turbo Bike’ and the dance song ‘Mullo-mullo’. Miss Kitty charged, “is like three different personality we see from you.”

Reggae Singer Iba Mahr dropped the curtains on the performers.

The contestants with the lowest votes from Castle Blue were announced as JADE and MAKARIE, this will be the latter second time in the bottom two that means if she found in the red a third time she will not return. In the meantime, PAYNE and JAH B are expected to face-off when the second set of finalists perform at D’Entrance, 72 Constant Spring Road on February 23rd. Who will remain? 

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