As part of its on-going initiative in the spirit of cultural exchange and global bridge-building the Artistic Expressions Limited will host its 2nd staging of ‘Cultural Fusion’ September 3rd and 4th, after a hugely successful first show last September with the Parisian Ballet Jazz Rick Odums Company from Paris and the National Dance Theatre Company.

This year the group will feature the dancing shoes of three different cultures as Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance, a New York City based contemporary ballet company, Danza Contemporeana de Cuba and the treasured National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (NDTC)will dance the nights of September 3rd and 4th away.
Stefanie Thomas, member of Artistic Expressions, as well as the NDTC explains: “its two evenings of dance, where we bring together diverse dance styles and cultures. The date is September 3rd and 4th at the Little Theatre. The first of two evenings will feature, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance, a New York City based contemporary ballet company alongside the time treasured NDTC.”

She continued: “the second will feature the athletic Danza Contemporeana de Cuba led by Artistic Director Eduardo Rivera, choreographer of ‘Sulkari’, with selections from the NDTC.”  Ms. Thomas said, “Both nights will feature Special Guest Artists and Choreographers, so it’s definitely something to come out for.”

Whilst still young, Artistic Expressions have held to the objective of promoting the growth of art, culture, poetry, music and dance in Jamaica.  Through its founders, Artistic Expressions have sought to explore avenues to bring forth the richness of the collective expression of the different people to contribute to the preservation of their unique histories.

They have so far hosted musicians and writers and more recently visual artists and dance artists including Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott; Lorna Goodison; Edward Baugh; Mervin Morris; The French Ballet Jazz Company CIE Rick ODUMS; Della Manley; Dean Fraser among others. In 2010, Artistic Expressions partnered with Enterprise Development Trust to provide scholarships for an Excelsior High School Students valued at J$100,000, and continues to be committed to youth development.

Cultural Fusion 2011, brings together dancers from three cultures on one stage, and builds on the successful staging of cultural fusion 2010, in which the French Ballet Company Rick ODUMS delighted the audience alongside the NDTC.  Reviews from 2010’s Cultural Fusion stated: “The waters of the Atlantic Ocean separating Jamaica and France were reduced to a mere drop… through their shared passion (Jamaica Observer).” “There was a huge explosion of talent…as dance met music and art when Artistic Expressions Limited presented ‘Cultural Fusion’ (Sunday Herald).”

Saturday’s show features: the NYC based ballet comtemporary company, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance, the NDTC & Guest Artists

Sunday’s show features: the Cuban dance company, Danza Contemporeana de Cuba, the NDTC & Guest Artists

Tickets Available @:
Cannonball Cafes: Liguanea, Loshushan & Manor Park
The Little Theatre Box Office

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