Due to weather conditions, Magnum Kings and Queens’ Final Stage Show, which was scheduled for Saturday, June 25th (today) has been postponed, and will instead be held next week Saturday, at the KIA Parking Lot, 3A Chelsea Avenue.

Patrons are asked to retain tickets for June 25 as they are valid for the ultimate season finale next Saturday. The show will start at its usual 9:30p.m. slot, but patrons are encouraged to get there as early as 8:30 p.m. The final show is expected to be extended to 2 hours.

In a statement issued on it Facebook Page, Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall, sought to assure patrons/fans of the show that it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to drag out the show.

“Last year, the producers and sponsors looked for a suitable indoor venue, one that could accommodate the size of the MKQ stage and set and that gives the perfect vibe for the MKQ live audience.

There is indeed a shortage of adequate indoor venues and the only one found that was suitable was not available on Saturday nights. The move to KIA, even though it is outdoor, was to accommodate the growing crowd and for better security.”