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“Have you ever lied about your age? Why? Bonus: Do you think they believed you?” Is the question from WordPress Post A Day Challenge.

What are these people trying to do? I have an halo WordPress! So, No I’ve never lied about my age for three reasons, firstly I usually get it wrong because I genuinely can’t remember majority of the times, especially since I stop keeping track of my age on my 14th birthday way back in the annals of history. The other reason is because most people seem to think I’m younger than I really am, so why mess with perfection? Finally, I don’t have to remember nothing, after all I getting old. Pun intended.

Of course, I’ve lied about my age, both to sound younger and older, if fact I been doing it since thirteen (13) years old; well…ahm…I can explain, please hear me out.

The first time I lied about my age, It Wasn’t Me; Shaggy and RikRoc didn’t put me up this I swear. One of my eight grade teacher made me do it. Yes she made me do it! …don’t tell me I agreed to it so I did it too, my mind was impressionable and she took advantage of that, I was 13 years old (I feel so abused, The Cries of Men). The name of the teacher was Mrs. Brown and she was my Home Economics teacher, and one of the Advisor in the 4-H Club.

It was coming on the annual 4-H Parish Achievement Day, which is a day of competition various activities such as cooking, sewing, animal husbandry, research-base etc, all apart of the objective of development and empowerment of youth as leaders for positive change, as well give back to their local communities. Now because I had aced my 7th grade High School class in Home Economics in both practical and theory I was ask and entered in the 4-H Apron Making Competition and was place 3rd at the Parish level. While I was happy to have been placed 3rd I was disappointed not to have won, it never seem the right placing for my efforts preparing it, even though I got JMD$5000 at the time.

With my experience the Apron Making when the following year came I was asked to enter the competition, basically I was told because it was a statement. Then after being told my teacher asked my age and I said 13 years old, she told me I never looked it and even though the competition was for up to 12 years old they were going to enter me and I was to maintain I was going to be 12 the December instead of 14 years old.

No one questioned my age, for my application was completed by the Advisors and unlike the year before I won the 4-H Apron Making Competition for my parish. As winner of my parish I had to represent at the 4-H National Achievement Day in Denbigh and was place 3rd, which I was elated about; on my return to school I was commended at a general devotion for all grades.

Later that year on my 14th birthday I decided that I was tired of keeping up with this age thing, chiefly because my mother and I was planning a mega celebration and we couldn’t get to because she was sick and away from home. That year I lost all interest in birthdays and eventually Christmas because on my birthday I got news my mother was admitted to hospital and five days later on Christmas I visited her in the hospital. After being admitted to the hospital I knew our Christmas like my birthday plans would be derailed.

Back to the question.

Since my 14th birthday I often would forget the 19th of December and would just agree that I was older than the year before. I said nothing about my birthday to friends and classmates and was often lucky that school would often be on Christmas-Break before my birthday and became the perfect way to avoid friends, classmate etc re the day.

I went on ignoring my birthday, until if I was asked what age I was I would say, “I don’t know”, “let me check and tell you”, “I’m still young” OR “I’m underage”. I vividly recalled while in first year I went to the bank and the attendant told me I had to chance my update my account because I had exceed the age on the saving account I had, I protested and told her that was impossible gave her a age which was, I believe a year or two less than what she was telling me. She even showed me via a calculator that I had in fact pass that age.

I was slightly embarrassed but that wasn’t enough to shake me and I sit refused to know my age up to now.

I don’t know if this counts, but during high school when I was still underage age for certain sites I often lied about my age by mathematically modifying the year I was born to ensure my legality. I therefore created a online identity for myself to satisfy my curiosity at the time.

These days I usually refrain from telling my exact age and since most people are polite, they wear a look of shock on their faces and tell me they don’t believe. When I celebrated my birthday the first time in a long while last December and said I was 19th, a friend asked me if I never said I was 19th the year before. My response, “a man or woman is as young as he or she thinks he or she is”.

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