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What’s something you never believed until you experienced it?

Bonus: What is something you believed in, until an experience changed your mind?

Confession, this post took a long time to write and I’m not exaggerating. One moment I thought I had it then another I never did. I definitely have the bonus on point, but the actual challenge…let’s just leave it at, even now writing I’m not sure what I’m gonna be writing.

Its surprising the things we believe in when we’re children, either because of what we see on TV, via cartoons or movies, or because adults who are set above tell us these things. As a youngster I was beguile into the idea that magic existed in that of fairy. I had no doubt at first not to believe and so I believe; well that was until I decided to prove it for myself.

As a youngster I had a serious case of curiosity, and it has followed me throughout my childhood and into my more youthful age, but that’s another story for another time. I remember reading a story or watching a cartoon once about the tooth fairy, I’m not sure which it was because my most young childhood memories are somewhat flurry. Coincidentally this happen around a time when I was changing teeth, so I would have been around six or seven years of age, and was queried if I would get money from the tooth fairy if I put the teeth under my pillow.

My dad told me I had to throw my teeth on top of the house and recited “ratta, ratta give me new teeth”, this was a Jamaican tradition, which I’m not sure where either of it origin nor the meaning. What I can tell you is it was said if I never did that your tooth or teeth, depending on how much you lost, would not grow back. Now I did as I was instructed, believing it of course. A few days passed by and because our house top was slab (concrete) and I could climb to its top. I searched a little and found my extracted tooth that I had toss to the roof after reciting what my dad asked me. I assumed the tooth fairy lady was perhaps overwork and had not gotten to my location. I went back up on the roof after, never found the extracted tooth but it did grow back.

The real test came when I went to the dentist for an extraction and ask for the tooth and the dentist told me I never need to do that for my teeth to grow back. I threw a tantrum which never help me, eventually my tooth grew back and I stop believing what my daddy told me.

I never though enough balls and guts to maintain the interest of a girl beyond school work and other school related activities. I still don’t. I’m a shy boy, shy once I’m not consciously looking to court the person or “be with the person” like what we Jamaicans like to say.

In the latter part of my fifth form years at Tacky High, reasoning with some of my male classmates and close friends, who were what we Jamaicans dubbed “girls man”, we agreed that I needed to “bruk lose”. It was agree that I wasn’t the average boy and was just too polish and needed to be more like them. I was an exemplary student and “brukking lose” or becoming the average boy who hunts after girls for sex was idle talks for me. I was given an alias “Dexter” and welcome to a family call “D-Unit”, all the members had names start with “D”.

Hook-up sex was the first test to prove my transition, after a few times members from D-Unit tried hooking up a polish young man like me fail. It was thought that they should start things in baby steps, because it was discovered I never knew how to talk with girls to be taken serious. So I was schooled after school and all I did was laugh; it was all hilarious to me until D’bo saw me one day blushing at this Grade Nine girl, Ingrid (can’t remember her last name at the moment). During a meeting with D-Unit it was mention and my emotions were uncontrollable, I was instantly being pressured to make a move. I told them she had a boyfriend and they told it was my excuse to run away. I was asked how I felt about Ingrid and I told them, at that moment I couldn’t back out.

One day I was in the library, Ingrid came in and we were having casual talk and in walked D’bo and Dice (two of my bigger D-Unit brothers). D’bo said something about ‘love-birds’ when he walked in and walked back out. Shortly after I left. The following morning I was talking with one of the Assistant Librarian who happen to be my cousin and Ingrid walked in, followed shortly by D’bo…she wanted to talk to me. It was no biggy, we always talked. She asked me if I had anything I wanted to tell her I said no, she said yes you do, I said I was clueless. Ingrid asked me how I felt about her and I wasn’t to lie. The few seconds I stared at her were long. She reach across the table and touch my hands, your friend told me…I looked at her hands on mine in defeat and look at her confess and surprisingly pull off a good conversation that developed into my first relationship.

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