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I got a crack of laughter when I read this challenge. My mind was all over and I mean ALL OVER, when I read what was expected of me. Let me share with you what the challenge read:

When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?
(Yes, you can assume you’d be able to teleport yourself back. It’d be a teleportation app for your phone of course, which you’d keep in your pocket).

I began arguing with myself that my first beam would have to be two things I want to do now! To go to the Eastern worl, mostly India and China, to experience at first hand the difference in culture and life, as well as to appreciate what I have more. Everyone seem to speak so much about the East. The second, is related to a conversation I was engaged in with someone, very recently, who I had profess liking and had ask them this said question. Their responses…they would teleport to be in my presence; imagine that! Let’s hope we both wouldn’t be teleporting to surprise each other at the same time and be lost. Too bad I’ll get the chance to very soon.

However, I would most love teleporting back in time. Not to live moments I messed up or regret, but to live and re-live moments that I can no longer have with my mother. I guess the only draw back to this phone app is I would have to ensure that I teleport back in time before my battery gets low, but I wouldn’t be mind trapped in time enjoying time with the one I love, my mother.

Travelling back in time, would so be the most popular thing that people would do that am sure we all would be lost in teleportation.

Outside of my time with my mother I would love to visit countries without the hassle of airport security, those uncomfortable long hours flight in some less than comfortable airplane seats, sore body from pent-up tension, jet lag, and taxi rides. Or if I forgot anything, instead of stressing about I’ll just beam back home, get it and beam where I was or wanted to be; travelling would be so light.

Just imagine being somewhere different once or twice a week all because you can “travel in style”? The places I would go! I can almost feel the winds of the East on my skin, not to mention the gems my eyes would behold.

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