I would like to have the job of Oprah Winfrey. She’s got influence, a motivator, movie star, philanthropist, a talk show host, media mogul, goal oriented and above all a phenomenal person of our time. She makes a living from listening to people talk and providing and helping them find a way.

Oprah Winfrey

The grace and virtue of this black woman, who has recognised her goal, passion, and worked at it from is an example to man. All across the globe she has achieved the feat being known to millions, not only females, but those who her words and works have reached on a first name basics. She has achieved this through her once main staple The Oprah Winfrey Show right in your Living Room via Cable TV, Radio with her Soul Talk, her Magazine Oprah or even the internet with various social media.

The laudatory notices she has been given are many. Most notable is the transformation of the way of thinking of thousands, what am I talking about…MILLIONS, especially those who religiously tune in to her programmes and subscribed as I do.

The different titles I listed earlier or perhaps a few for this phenomenal woman of our time, but also what draw me to her is the radiance of positivity she exudes and the friends she keeps. People like a Dr. Oz, Dr. Maya Angelou and other influential friends, either because of the positive work she is doing and the person whom she is just pulls me to her.

The opportunities, the friends, the guest and most of all the experience that Oprah Winfrey gets to share is beyond marvellous and something I would love.

The Media attention and the pressures of the work is another thing that I would have to contend with, but I doubt me, like Oprah Winfrey, would have an issue with extra flash from camera lens and capturing a few printed media.

What ever the situation, the job, even though I think its a way of life instead of a job, of Oprah Winfrey is what I would want.