Fourteen days ago, that would be January 14th, I signed up for this Post a Day or Post a Week challenge that, the site on which I host my blog had. Sad to say today January 31st, I’m yet to make an entry.

I signed up for this Blog Challenge because I was attracted to the description WordPress used to sell the idea to bloggers. I still can recall the words splashed across my computer screen: “For those of you who want to take your blog to the next level in 2011.”

Can yoy imagine a grab like that and I still haven’t committed myself to the pledge I made? That’s about to change as I’m in bed typing away on my phone 🙂

I must say I signed up late on January 18th and so my first challenge was issued on the 19th. Why it was only the 19th of January, the challenge was already at ‘Topic #20’. My First Challenge was emailed to me at about 12:22pm, which I open and read like I did with all of the other Challenges sent to me until the end of that week (January 22nd) and basically up to today. I must confess that I have thought about the challenges, but have just never got around to write on them.

First Challenge
Surprisingly my first challenge was: What’s the most important thing you’re putting off? And why haven’t you done it yet? What do you need to make it happen?

I gonna digress again. I think perhaps why I never start blogging on January 19th was because I had too much important things and couldn’t choose one. Like finishing the interior designs of my new house, making school arrangements and visiting friends who have been scattered all over the globe.

In answering why I haven’t done either is as simple as saying one of three things. One, financial drought or a lack of money experience I have been having and secondly, I was concern how my readers would take or view this everyday writing or once a week, which more or less was different from what they had grown accustom to reading. Finally I was concern about finding the time daily to pledge.

What do you need to make it happen? Committment. I need to seriously and wholeheartedly pledge myself to this task as I would do to any other. After all said it will help me to “produce high-quality content, boost…[my] readership, and make the most of all the fabulous features.”

Will all that consider, this is my first post in the The Daily Post at Post a Day Challenge; its late in coming but its the beginning of a journey with me…into my mind with various daily topics.

I wonder what I’ll write on next…mmm