Its not the first time that Barbadian-born Pop singing sensation Rihanna have found herself at the centre of controversy. In fact, she might just be accustomed to hitting headlines as she is about getting those chart-topping singles.

It was only recently that the singers love life, in that of her abusive relationship with her now former ex-boyfriend Chris Brown rocked the media. Yeah, we’ve heard that she has “moved” on from Chris Brown to Matt Kempt then we got news that the relationship with the two when on a hold. But why?


Hollywood model named Natasha “Tajah” Burton.

Paparazzi website have noted that the singer is now the centre of a lesbian tale. The site notes that a Hollywood model named Natasha “Tajah” Burton is spilling details of what happens to be a steamy girl-on-girl encounter with RiRi in a Tell-All book. One of the juicy coated story in the book is a lesbian encounter with Tajah and the Only Girl in the World singer Rihanna.

I’m not sure if I’m to believe that this encounter is true, because of course I want to see a video of this Rihanna lesbian encounter. I want to see a video or photos of Rihanna head down in Tajah underneath; prove just have to be there, that is all I’m saying. Or even a telephone clip with Rihanna saying something like: “you’re delicious…I still can taste you” or something freakish.

Whatever the situation, you Go Rihanna!!

Here is the transcript, I know you just want to get the details:Get the Juice on Rihanna

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