The inaugural Jamaica Blog Awards held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Sunday, January 16, 2010 was nothing short of a spectacular event that saw bloggers represented some 15 categories outfitted in swanky fashion to hide their nervousness and chitty-chatted in person outside of their usual social media world.

After a splendid cocktail it’s almost certain that all bloggers got for themselves some new followers to their twitter accounts or finally got an opportunity to meet persons they have been interacting with via social media.

When I entered the area dedicated for the cocktails I had to, like all guest, do the formalities of “check-in” at a counter provided. Just after saying, ‘Leethan Grandison‘ I heard a saccharine female voice questioned, “You are @Lgrandison”. Collecting my programme, I turned and flare a smile for the beauty that stood behind me hoping to recognize her by face. I didn’t.  Within a plit of two seconds she said “I’m @mamachell”, and there started my first conversation for the night.

Walking further into the cocktail area I was greeted by some of my friends who by now were, let’s say, a little shock about what I was wearing. Shock might be a little understated, they were totally in frenzy about what I was wearing, even thought I could see the big deal. Thinking back, if I were in their shoe I would perchance have been astonish, especially if I were seeing a friend “dressed-up” who lives his fashion life by wearing Tees and polo shirts, with jeans, flip flops and occasionally shoes.

The first comment regarding my evening’s attire came from @joelm16 who said to me “Leethan honesty I never knew you had these capabilities”, “another said Leethan who dress you” that was just the beginning. I’m digressing.

Despite a schedule 7pm start time the event got off several minutes late, with two sparkling beauty as host in that of Donalee Curtis, out of Florida, and Hype TV’s own Coco. The ladies joie de vivre was enough to make us forget about the time and instead conditioned for the excitement that waited for us.

From the beginning to the end the appetites of the jitterbugged top five finalists in each category, their parents and supporters were kept moist and kept in awe. The Jamaica Blog Awards organizers showed they took their craft serious pulling at the beginning of the programme for the charming and smooth Rising Star artiste Natel, before kicking off the first category of winners.  The award show was blessed by Haitian performers Louinel Jean & Marcelin Fleuran who delivered a tribute to their earthquake ravage home and entice the audience to croon the words “Haiti needs Love”.

Sponsors of Jamaica Blog Awards 2011

Sean Bennett, three time nominee and top five finalists in Best Personal, Best New & Best Lifestyle Blogs, also delivered his 2010 Tallawah Award Winning Piece “Knock, Knock”. Sean who walked away as the best performer of the evening had patrons in awe, when he brought emotions to his piece, crying, forcing words like “Oh, God he’s crying”, “He really miss his father” and “I feel like I’m going to cry” from those who watch. In short he brought life to the piece.

First Class Dancers also gave a fine display of their kinesthetic intelligence.

After all categories for the Jamaica Blog Awards were announced, NCB’s Julian Patrick was invited to the stage to announce the winner of its own competition that it launched with the organizers to hear what its customers/bloggers had to say about them. Dubbed “NCB Talk Di Things Blog Competition” Patrick noted that the entries by “the bloggers were brutal, but we thank you for your frankness”.

From eleven entries Romane Knight of Marketing Notes Ja walked away clinging his new Blackberry Torch courtesy if NCB as prices for his entry NCB: Jamaica – Corporate Responsibility “Talk Di Things”. Romane couldn’t contain himself and was rather dramatic, yet hilarious, as he walked to collect his award. He later told Dexter Communications Inc “I wasn’t expecting to win, serious.”

Commander, Kelly Rowland chart-topping song, pumped across speakers as models strutted their stuff in a room quickly transformed to a runway with items from designer Gregory “H.O.D.” Williams.


You may click on the winner’s blog to see their blog, profile or entry.

Best Personal BlogFrom a Boy to a Man

Best Technology Blog — Silicon Caribe

Best New Blog —Lace & Zippers

Best Food Blog —My Elite Grocer

Best Overseas Jamaican Blog —H.R. Gallery

Readers’ Choice Awards —The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog

Top Blog Post For 2010 —“The Art & Detail Of Jamaica Fashion” By Kingston Style

Best Twitter Micro Blogger of the Year —Tonian Lindo

Best Music Blog —Real Talk With MszRockstar

Best Entertainment Blog —The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog

Best Company Blog —Island Bride Jamaica

Best Beauty & Fashion Blog —Make Up and More

Best Lifestyle Blog —Pree Jamaica

Best Photographic/ Art Blog —Kingstonstyle

Jamaica Blog of the Year —Ingrid Riley Silicon Caribe