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Is the Glass Half Full, Half Empty or did someone drink from it? Perhaps its waiting for a refill.

When the question “Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?” hit my mailbox, I was still in bed and so I first accessed it from my Blackberry Wireless Device about 10:50am Monday Morning. Yes, I did say I was still in bed…what’s wrong with being in bed at 10:50am? Come one, I was resting my body. I’m digressing.

Seeing the question, it never took me longer than enough time to repeat the question out loud, become I had the answer, REALIST. My first question was, instead it a matter of attitude? Followed by, aren’t they both fulfilling though?

Through our experiences, whether educational or in that of social groups like clubs and societies, we’ve come to associate optimism and pessimist with that familiar analogy of looking at the glass as being either half-full or half-empty; chiefly depending on the telescope we used to view our lives. Optimist is associated with looking at the glass as half-full and pessimist as half-empty, in interpretative terms the former dwells on hopeful aspects of life and the latter everything that is wrong or associated with the well of despair.

For me being an optimist or a pessimist is ALL about an attitude. An attitude of what we allow, to let us interpret the past, and present so our futures are impacted. Hence it is not uncommon then to hear the thoughts or attitudes of the following being expressed:

1. Optimism breathes life into you each day WHILE Pessimism drains you

2. Optimism helps you to take needed risks WHILE Pessimism plays it safe and never accomplishes much

3. Optimism improves those around you WHILE Pessimism drags people down

4. Optimism inspires others to great heights WHILE Pessimism deflate people to new lows

Being a REALIST have however allowed me to look at situations for what they are at the moment without hoping it will go away, because most of the times they won’t. Hence there’s no point in grumbling about it (whatever ‘it’ is) being never ending, because it perhaps never does. Life’s the same. We all need to face it; both good and bad things are going to happening to us whether we like it or not whether we look at the glass as being half-full or half-empty. It’s a natural part of life.

I would be lying, if I were not to admit that being positive is a natural part of each of our personalities, since the human spirit expect the best from everything.  As such, we ought to keep a natural balance between being optimistic and pessimistic termed being realistic. In doing this, we look at thing as honestly as possible using our experience and take steps to remedy potential pitfalls. Accordingly, instead of ignoring challenges because you’re trying to “be optimistic” and disappointing yourself you could save yourself from eventually become pessimistic. I GURANTEE YOU!


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Topic: Are you an optomist or a pessimist?

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Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?

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Fourteen days ago, that would be January 14th, I signed up for this Post a Day or Post a Week challenge that, the site on which I host my blog had. Sad to say today January 31st, I’m yet to make an entry.

I signed up for this Blog Challenge because I was attracted to the description WordPress used to sell the idea to bloggers. I still can recall the words splashed across my computer screen: “For those of you who want to take your blog to the next level in 2011.”

Can yoy imagine a grab like that and I still haven’t committed myself to the pledge I made? That’s about to change as I’m in bed typing away on my phone 🙂

I must say I signed up late on January 18th and so my first challenge was issued on the 19th. Why it was only the 19th of January, the challenge was already at ‘Topic #20’. My First Challenge was emailed to me at about 12:22pm, which I open and read like I did with all of the other Challenges sent to me until the end of that week (January 22nd) and basically up to today. I must confess that I have thought about the challenges, but have just never got around to write on them.

First Challenge
Surprisingly my first challenge was: What’s the most important thing you’re putting off? And why haven’t you done it yet? What do you need to make it happen?

I gonna digress again. I think perhaps why I never start blogging on January 19th was because I had too much important things and couldn’t choose one. Like finishing the interior designs of my new house, making school arrangements and visiting friends who have been scattered all over the globe.

In answering why I haven’t done either is as simple as saying one of three things. One, financial drought or a lack of money experience I have been having and secondly, I was concern how my readers would take or view this everyday writing or once a week, which more or less was different from what they had grown accustom to reading. Finally I was concern about finding the time daily to pledge.

What do you need to make it happen? Committment. I need to seriously and wholeheartedly pledge myself to this task as I would do to any other. After all said it will help me to “produce high-quality content, boost…[my] readership, and make the most of all the fabulous features.”

Will all that consider, this is my first post in the The Daily Post at Post a Day Challenge; its late in coming but its the beginning of a journey with me…into my mind with various daily topics.

I wonder what I’ll write on next…mmm

A bus transporting University of the West Indies students was involved in a fatal accident in St Ann this morning. The coaster bus driver was killed and about 25 students are said to be in hospital in serious condition.

The accident occurred along the Steer Town Main Road sometime after 9:00, when the coaster collided with a trailer truck.

The students were on their way to a football match in St James when the accident occurred.

A Media Release from the UWI noted: “…All the UWI students who were travelling on the bus are accounted for and none are considered critical at this time. A number of UWI medical personnel along with medical personnel at the St Ann’s Bay Hospital are at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital and the situation is being constantly monitored by the Campus Administration. Arrangements are being put in place by the Mona Campus to transport students back to Kingston.”

Its not the first time that Barbadian-born Pop singing sensation Rihanna have found herself at the centre of controversy. In fact, she might just be accustomed to hitting headlines as she is about getting those chart-topping singles.

It was only recently that the singers love life, in that of her abusive relationship with her now former ex-boyfriend Chris Brown rocked the media. Yeah, we’ve heard that she has “moved” on from Chris Brown to Matt Kempt then we got news that the relationship with the two when on a hold. But why?


Hollywood model named Natasha “Tajah” Burton.

Paparazzi website have noted that the singer is now the centre of a lesbian tale. The site notes that a Hollywood model named Natasha “Tajah” Burton is spilling details of what happens to be a steamy girl-on-girl encounter with RiRi in a Tell-All book. One of the juicy coated story in the book is a lesbian encounter with Tajah and the Only Girl in the World singer Rihanna.

I’m not sure if I’m to believe that this encounter is true, because of course I want to see a video of this Rihanna lesbian encounter. I want to see a video or photos of Rihanna head down in Tajah underneath; prove just have to be there, that is all I’m saying. Or even a telephone clip with Rihanna saying something like: “you’re delicious…I still can taste you” or something freakish.

Whatever the situation, you Go Rihanna!!

Here is the transcript, I know you just want to get the details:Get the Juice on Rihanna

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On Saturday, January 29, 2011, Third World will launch their album at Love City Live, a reggae concert on the island of St. John, USVI.  The festival will feature events across the island beginning on January 21, 2011 and conclude on January 30, 2011.  Love City Live will not only host the launch of Third World’s 23rd album “Patriots” but will also feature a full concert on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at 8 pm at the Winston Wells Ball Field.  

In 2010, the Grammy nominated band kicked into high gear their yearlong Anniversary celebration of over three decades in the business (37 years as a group) at the 14th staging of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.  The celebration continued with performances in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.

In addition to celebrating their milestone anniversary, the band also released their 23rd album, “Patriots.”  Produced by Third World Music Group, the 13 track album features songs such as Front Door(featuring the late, great Gregory Isaacs), You Made Me So Very Happy(a cover of Alton Ellis’ timeless hit featuring Marcia Griffiths), By My Side (featuring Tessanne Chin), Good Hearted People(feat. Capleton) and 96 Degrees In the Shade(a remake of the band’s classic featuring Stephen and Damian Marley).  The album also features, Toots Hibbert, Sly Dumbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Dean Frazier, Inner Circle, Mykal Rose, Jessica Yapp (on violin), Junior Reid, Capleton and Tarrus Riley.

Prior to the release of the album, the band released singles, “Spirit Lives,” a dedication to the people of Haiti and “By My Side” featuring Tessanne Chin.  The video for By My Side, which was directed by Adrian Allen, features Robert Townsend’s popular online series “Diary of a Single Mom” starring Monica Calhoun, Valery Ortiz, Janice Lynde, Richard Roundtree, Billy Dee Williams and Leon, was also released. 

The album, which is now available on iTunes as a result of Third World Music Group’s partnership with Zojak World Wide – who will distribute the album digitally – was showcased on iTunes this week and debuted at number 16 on the iTunes charts. To purchase the album, visit 

For more information, visit

The inaugural Jamaica Blog Awards held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Sunday, January 16, 2010 was nothing short of a spectacular event that saw bloggers represented some 15 categories outfitted in swanky fashion to hide their nervousness and chitty-chatted in person outside of their usual social media world.

After a splendid cocktail it’s almost certain that all bloggers got for themselves some new followers to their twitter accounts or finally got an opportunity to meet persons they have been interacting with via social media.

When I entered the area dedicated for the cocktails I had to, like all guest, do the formalities of “check-in” at a counter provided. Just after saying, ‘Leethan Grandison‘ I heard a saccharine female voice questioned, “You are @Lgrandison”. Collecting my programme, I turned and flare a smile for the beauty that stood behind me hoping to recognize her by face. I didn’t.  Within a plit of two seconds she said “I’m @mamachell”, and there started my first conversation for the night.

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Its one weekend, two great shows…LIME Jamaica since yesterday, January 13, has been buzzing with activities at its Portmore and Kingston & St. Andrew stores ALL for one ‘Mega deal’, to get television enabled mobile handsets just by trading in a mobile phone from another network.

Here is what has been happening. With the roots stage show Rebel Salute schedule for this Saturday at Port Kaizer, St. Elizabeth and the reggae superstar Buju Banton’s Before the Dawn Concert in down town Miami this Sunday the telecommunications giant has capitalized and offering television enabled mobile handsets to all willing to trade in a Digicel or Claro phone.

LIME became the provider of the first digital mobile service in the Caribbean last December when it launch Mobile TV Service in Jamaica, as part of an effort to give customers the experience of the best in entertainment, news and sports. At the moment the telecommunications company offers its digital services in the Greater St. Catherine are of Portmore and Spanish Town, as well as the Kingston & St. Andrew Metropolitan area.

When we here at Dexter Communications (@Lgrandison) tweeted LIME Customer Service (@LimeHelp) asking when it will be spread across the island we were told that they could not confirm at this moment.

Click Image for conversation

Click Image for conversation

Local paper, the Jamaica Observer , in its Friday, January 14 online news edition quoted Regional Project Special Manager, Stephen Price saying,  as soon as they stores were officially opened for businesses  they were inundated by persons eager to trade in their old network phones for a spanking new television enabled mobile handset.

Are you in the Covered Area?

So with just any working mobile phone from with a SIM Card from “the other Guys” and JMD$2,000 ($2,500 with tax including) for credit Jamaicans were body to body in lines extending from stores and on the streets waiting to get a “TV phone”, enough to cause a traffic congestion on the major road Half Way Tree this Friday morning, where the LIME Head Office is also located.

LIME is the Caribbean first mobile television service, which offers premium digital channels including Fox Soccer Plus, Sportmax, CNN, Hype, RE TV and other international and local stations.

For More Info on LIME TV Click here