The Vybz Kartel led Gaza Empire or Portmore Empire after starting the year at the peak of discussion with the ousting of its first lady Lisa Hype; seem to be ending the year lovely with two of the BEST QUALITY videos coming out of that camp.

The videos Like Christmas with Vybz Kartel & Sheba and the second Charly Black’s Fall In Love Again are now the latest things to be talked about among teen bobbers , Gazarites (fans of Kartel), and of course those who have interest in music videos.

Vybz Kartel on entering the house party in "Like Christmas" which he sings with Sheba.

Like Christmas with Vybz Kartel & Sheba is directed by Janelle Dyer and revolves around a Christmas house party, where Sheba has a flash back to the previous Christmas when she was given a gift by Vybz.

Lately everyone has been talking about Kartel’s completion and the video of course will be bringing back these discussions to the fore as the artiste fair or should I say bleached-liked skin gives an impression of Jamaica’s own Michael Jackson; only difference is ours claim he “wash mi face with the cake soap” as stated in his single Straight Jeans & Fitted.

Early comments from the popular video sharing site Youtube have already hurl comments at the artiste ‘new-bleachy-look’ saying: “A the next michael Jackson this, Kartel uh nuh love ur colour and u nuh look good u look like monkey……….. stop bleach the bleaching pill goin to damage uh organs.” Other comments were favourable; one viewer even said that they were predicting that both the song and video for Like Christmas would be the top song this holiday season.

The Winter scene from Vybz Kartel and Sheba "Like Christmas"

Notes are being taken by Kartel as he is using his video to promoting his business, something close to what Lady Gaga and Beyonce did in the video Telephone. Kartel does this by ensuring that among his bleachy compatriots, the official rum of the Portmore Empire, Street Vybz Rum is seen in heavy rotations throughout the video. Also not to be forgotten is the first ever, if I’m not wrong, inclusion of a snow scene in a Dancehall video; no lies people Sheba and Kartel are actually in a virtual snow world, minus the winter clothes.

If you think you’re dreaming watch the video: