Charly Black is the latest member  of the Portmore Empire, better known in some circles as the Gaza Empire, led by Vybz Kartel to have release a video for one of their songs. Black also joins the ranks of Vybz Kartel and Sheba with Like Christmas also release this month as the BEST videos so far to be release by that camp.

This video is not done locally and perhaps that is the reason why it has such “clean” footage. The video starts off with a couple arguing, where a female insist on leaving her male partner who is also abusive and refuse to allow her to leave. If you follow the song this start off seems good and perhaps predictable since the song speak about a female telling Charly Black ‘she will never love again.’

Charly Black has his swagger all turn up, with a slight resemblance, or should i say a style which seem to have been influence by T.I the rapper.

Some aspects of the video were a bit weak, for example there could have been some more fire to convince us that the love being display for the camera while he sat in the park singing to the female character was real when he started caressing her face. Also aspects of the domestic violence were a big “no-no” and required more work.

Watching the video i kept saying “Portmore Empire improved!” Tell me if you’re impress with the video which takes on domestic violence.