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Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

Pro-Dudus sign on Tivoli barber shop
Tivoli six months AD (After Dudus)
The story was originally written by Dania Bogle and posted to the BBC page
The small sticker posted above the door of the tiny ply wood barber shop said it all – Dudus a God Bless.

Residents say that conditions have taken a turn for the worse in Tivoli Gardens since the incursion in May which ultimately led to the extradition to the United States of area don Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

Coke is in a US jail awaiting trial on drug trafficking and related charges.

Six months later without their erstwhile leader, they claim they are in dire straits with no prospects.

Some of them say that before they felt safe to walk the streets freely late at night, leave their doors and burglar bars open, and get money to send their children to school and buy food when they were hungry.

Now, their women claim they are being raped, they have no money, no jobs, and no hope of getting one once they reveal their addresses to prospective employers.

To make matters worse, they are being victimised by the very police who have been sworn to serve and protect them.

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