Jamaica has lost another stalwart in that of renowned social anthropologist Professor Barry Chevannes.

According to news reports, it is understood that the professor who has been hospitalised since complaining about chest pain since September 4th succumb to his illness.

For several years the professor whose real name is Alston Barrington Chevannes have worked tirelessly in the area of peace management. He was also the chair for the Violence Prevention Alliance.

Chevannes who wrote on the isse of male marginalisation was a founding member of Fathers Inc, a group which encourages fathers to play their rightful role.

When it comes to the Rastafari Movement Professor Chevannes have been acclaimed a leading international scholar authoring: Rastafari: Roots and Ideology and scores of articles in learned journals. His edited collection, Rastafari and Other African Caribbean Worldviews was nominated for the 1995 Katherine Briggs Award in the United Kingdom.

He also headed the National Ganja Commission, establish to study the viability of decriminalising marijuana. The commission sparked debate island-wide, when they endorse decriminalisation; the Jamaican Government is yet to address the matter.

Updated via: @Lgrandison