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The all too familiar case of dancehall star Bounty Killer, who was recently charged by the Constant Spring Police Station for wounding his girlfriend, was earlier this morning granted bail in the sum of $500,000.

A few weeks ago local television stations reported that the woman claimed the deejay whose real name is Rodney Pryce had beaten her with a hammer, an electric mosquito zapper and a chain.

Bounty Killer, known for his ‘cross, angry, miserable’ stage-line was accompanied this morning by the woman who claimed he abused her seeking to have the case dropped and for both to attend mediation. She reasoned that she wanted a continuation of the relationship between herself and the Killer.

However the presiding Judge Shelly Williams, would not have it and refused to drop the case, instead setting a trial date of November 19.

My View
I will never get to understand abuse relationships or abusees. For one we were originally informed through media reports/speculation that the woman was allegedly injury in what was a play with her lover, Killer. While I never entirely bought the story it was getting a little leniency from me because I was think perhaps of the possibility that individuals have different sexually taste, and Bounty Killer’s mighty just have been one.

I’m not attempting a justification of Bounty Killer beating his girlfriend but just saying what came to mind first when I heard the story.

I’m sure exactly what this woman hopes to achieve from a mediation with Mr. Pryce, but I do hope she knows she can be charged for perverting the law. Its nothing new Mr. Pryce has been charged with domestic violence and other related charges before, but why are these women not testifying against him?

Where are all these women empowering organisations in Jamaica, why aren’t they playing a role in assisting this woman? Why are situations like this allow to continue before the court? Is there any means that this case can be tried using the testimony or statement of the alleged abusee?

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