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Controversial Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan could very well find herself legal jeopardy after her recent stint in jail and rehab.

Popular entertainment site TMZ reported that two eyewitnesses allege that knock a stroller being pushed by a nanny. The incident is stated to have happened after the star pulled out her high-powered Maserati from her West Hollywood apartment building, and running a red light.

“It was full impact, a major hit,” the eyewitness paparazzo, Bryan Jaime, told TMZ, adding that the bumper struck the nanny in the leg as well as the stroller.

But instead of filing a police report, Jaime reportedly sold the footage to Allegedly shot seconds after the incident, it features the baby crying and the nanny “in shock” and continuing to push the stroller.

Something is just absolutely wrong with Lindsay Lohan; she just can’t be in so much drama! What the hell is happening with you girl? I don’t even want to believe this but it is reported that a vehicle resembling Lohan’s Maserati can be seen in a video leaving the scene.