Its official today, I mean, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!

Can you imagine the exciting buzzing among over one billion eager viewers in the regions of the Americas, Africa, Europe and, Asia and the Pacific? I can bet some of them are feeling like, they too are a part of the Miss Universe 2010 pageant this evening, which takes place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Aflame supporters can tune in to NBC and Telemundo tonight, as well as streaming websites like UStream, Sopcast and Justin TV to watch the pageant that starts to air at 9:00 PM ET to 11:00 PM ET tonight.

Tonight will definitely be a battle of beauty and brains, with Miss Philippines, Venus Raj; Miss Bolivia, Claudia Arce Lemaitre; Miss Venezuela, Marelisa Gibson and Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps among the favorites to win the title based on an online poll.

A total of 83 women are competing for the title to be vacated by Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez, who was crowned Miss Universe at 18 years old when the event was held in Bahamas last year. An online poll held in the run up to the pageant night shows Miss Philippines Venus Raj, Miss Bolivia Claudia Arce Lemaitre, Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson and Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps among the leading vote getters.

A win for Miss Jamaica would give the Caribbean Island its first Miss Universe title, while a Miss Venezuela win would give the mainland country a record third-consecutive win. NBC correspondent Natalie Morales and Poison frontman Brett Michaels are expected to host the event to be shown live on NBC and Telemundo. The pageant is expected to be aired in over in over 100 countries and territories.