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Dancehall artiste LA Lewis claims he has been the victim of an unfair fight in the industry ever since his much-publicised altercation with Beenie Man. This fight, he says, is coming from radio personalities and DJs who will stop at nothing to hinder his development.

He is appealing to persons to stop taking sides in the matter and be fair. He says, “Persons are taking sides in the thing when they weren’t invited. They didn’t call me to find out my side of the story.

“He claims that Ragashanti and Ms Kitty are among some of the personalities who have disrespected him following the incident.

“When I approached Raga to go on his show to make my side heard, he told me that he don’t want to hear anything from me, a just Beenie im a tek talk from,” he said.

“Ms Kitty also hit out against me. At first mi neva pay no mind to her ‘petrolent’ behaviour, but she went on her TV programme an continue to diss mi. Mi call her to ask her bout it and she gave me the runaround and avoided my calls. She’s saying how LA has no money and that he’s poor. My word to Ms Kitty is that I’m not poor, I’m ‘sobolius’, and she fi memba where she’s coming from, she get a likkle buss in life, she’s not to overstep her boundaries,” says Lewis.

“I am asking the disc jockeys to stop taking sides. It’s not their job to pick sides. That’s corruption, if this is where the business is heading I don’t want to see the future of it,” added Lewis.

spreading like wildfire

In response to comments Lewis says that Beenie Man has been making that LA Lewis is not a DJ, he is a graffiti artiste, “My thing to Beenie is, if you think LA Lewis is just a graffiti artiste, why are you afraid of LA lyrically? Why are you hiding behind some wannabe disc jockeys?”Lewis also sought to clear the air on a rumour which he says has been spreading like wildfire. “People have been saying that me and Sharon Burke are at odds because of the Voicemail issue. She believes I overdid it with the autograph signing at Oneil’s funeral. However, we’re still on good terms, Sharon Burke and I are good friends, and I have the highest respect for her as a person and fellow figure in the music industry. The only person I am in friction with is Beenie Man and Goofy.”

“Mek Beenie and Goofy know that if they aren’t girls or cowards, they must come out and face mi lyrically, and stop hide behind people because the LA Lewis now is not the LA Lewis then. I’ve done my homework and I’ve grown up, now I’m a lyrical machine.” says Lewis.

When THE STAR contacted Ms Kitty, she said that she was not at any time in a disrespecting game with LA Lewis but she had a problem with his dastardly and scoundrel-like behaviour at former Voicemail member Oneil’s funeral.

“LA Lewis is not on my level for me to disrespect him. Di only ting wi business bout is our friend that bury and gone, wi nuh business bout LA Lewis. If he sees my correcting him on my show as being disrespectful, he needs help. Mi nah focus pon nuh locus!” she said.Source: the Jamaica STAR