According to local news report former head of the Student Loan Bureau (SLB) Lenice Barnett, who was fired with immediate effect yesterday, after what has been described as a damning audit conducted by the Public Accountability Inspectorate (PAI) division of the ministry of finance, is said to owe the government some $1.9 million dollars.

The disclosure came at a post-cabinet briefing yesterday, August 10, 2010, by the Finance Minister to journalist at Jamaica House.

Shaw reportedly told reporters, “There are amounts owed to the SLB in the form of loans some where in the region of $1.9 million that will have to be recovered….Those are matters to be determined in the settlement arrangements.”


Lenice Barnett

Local newspaper, the Jamaica Observer, carried a story referring that Mr. Shaw also accepted the resignation of the board following a meeting held this morning to discuss the findings of the report.

When asked if he had lost confidence in the board because of the findings of the report, the publication quoted the minister saying: “the general trend of the report would indicate that there should have been greater diligence on the part of the board.”

In the mean time several rumours has surfaced allegedly account of some of the possible things that finally broke the camel’s back and resulted in Lenice Barnett dismissal.