The entertainment site has reported that the 2004 American Idol Fantasia was attempted to Mercy South Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center in Pineville after an attempted suicide by taking an overdose of aspirins and a sleep aid.

The attempted suicide comes on the heel of allegations of sleeping with a married man and home wreck by her boyfriend Antwaun Cook, estranged wife Paula Cook. The wife is said to be slapping the Idol winner with a criminal conversion lawsuit, which in essence means that Paula is suing Fantasia for having sex with her husband. The word all over the web is that this presumable overpowered the star and influenced this careless and reckless behavior of hers.

All in all, I just keep asking myself why the heck Fantasia attempted suicide. Is she on drugs or some freaking….God knows what?

Here is the deal: Fantasia is just one big loser and that it. She just not ‘woman’ enough to stand up to her actions, hurl you criticism at me all you want. After this pathological liar was photographed with Antwaun, she denied that a relationship existed between the two, even up to after Antwaun wife Paula started blabbing to the tabloid that a ‘sex tape’ of her husband and the American Idol singer existed as evidence. Earlier this year Fantasia also denied having a boyfriend or a tattoo of his name — despite the photographic evidence. (See picture).

Fantasia Tattoo of her married boyfriend Antwaun Cook's name on her shoulder.

Now when the heat was getting to her and she was finally getting “Cook” she went and attempted to commit self-murder! Are you serious? Someone needs to take something and slap this girl in her head, seriously….is this the value that you place on your life?

I don’t want a soul tell me that she never thought about her actions because it is freaking clear she did! Over-dose and sleep aid formula? She definitely had a plan that got backfired.

As for Fantasia her father, Joseph Barrino, told RadarOnline that his daughter was “doing fine.”

Fantasia is slated to release her third album title “Back to Me,” on Aug. 24, the lead single for the album “Bittersweet,” is currently at No. 12 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. While her VH1 reality show “Fantasia for Real,” returns for a second season on Sept. 19.

WRITER’S NOTE: In the race of life, the race can get tough, people will say things, some can and will be true while others will just be totally false. Your response in all of this is crucial if you’re to survive…which includes not giving power to those who want to bring you down! In times like this focus on your goals and wrap yourself in those who you love and who love you.