One of the cops who rain blows on Ian Lloyd shortly before he was shot by another police officer.

The police were arrested after the footage (shown here) was released.

Five days after they were taken into custody the seven policemen implicated in the shooting death of a St. Ann man which sparked national outrage will know their fate Thursday.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is to rule if they should be charged.

The cops were taken into custody on the weekend after video footage shown on TVJ’s Prime Time News disputed the police’s version of what led to the death of Ian Lloyd in Buckfield, St. Ann.

An attempt was made on Tuesday to secure the release of two of the policemen via a writ of habeas corpus however the case was adjourned in the St. Ann’s Bay Resident Magistrates Court pending Thursday’s ruling by the DPP.

Defence attorney Oswest Senior-Smith is representing the Detective Sergeant who was captured in the TVJ video clip pulling his gun and opening fire as well as the constable who used his baton to rain blows on Mr. Lloyd.

Mr. Senior-Smith said the instructions he gave to his clients not to co-operate or give statements to investigators have not changed.

The five other cops who were implicated have been placed on station arrest, meaning that they can go home, but must surrender their passports.

Investigators have so far collected 15 statements in connection with the case.

A post mortem is to be performed on Mr. Lloyd’s body Thursday.

Post update via RJR News