HILLSBORO – The Hill County Sheriff’s Department released the 911 call of the mother who pleaded guilty to capital murder for killing her daughter last year.

In June 2009, 33-year-old Debra Jeter allegedly killed her 12-year-old daughter and severely injured her 13-year-old daughter at an abandoned house in Hillsboro.

Both of the girls were found with slashes on their throats.

Jeter can be heard in the 911 call telling the dispatcher “I just killed my children.”

She had reportedly checked into the Waco Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center just weeks before the attack.

Jeter entered a plea of guilty to capital murder in return for a sentence of life without parole. She also entered a plea of guilty to the charged of attempted capital murder in return for a life sentence. The two sentences will be served concurrently.

Before the plea agreement, the death penalty was still a possibility for Jeter. The plea also saves Jeter’s surviving daughter from having to testify in trial.

“If you think about Kriesten, her surviving daughter, she was a victim and had to watch her sister go through that, but still at the same time, this is her mother.She knew the ultimate consequence was that her mother could get the death penalty and that’s a lot to put on a 14-year old child,” Hill County District Attorney Dan Dent said.

Jester’s two attorneys were present with her during a teleconference at the jail as she signed a waiver agreeing to no appeal of her sentences.

[Update via Channel 25 News]