Come May 29, The Lawman Lynch Foundation will be hosting its annual Music For Life charity concert at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre. The Lawman Lynch Foundation is a non-profit organisation rooted in service and development, with its primary focus on child, youth and community development.

“Far too many of our nation’s children live in squalor and below average circumstances. We are a caring nation. Jamaicans have been doing much in the Haiti relief efforts, a feat that should be applauded, but the time has now come when we must encourage others to also help to aid our own children at this time in our country’s current turmoil. One person can make a difference but collectively we can make a bigger difference,” Lynch stated. “Let’s start this journey to ‘Rescue our Children’ together on the 29th of May, 2010.”

The Music For Life concert is a charity show that will be held as a catalyst to the Rescue Our Children campaign.

The show will feature a very diverse line-up of artiste like Alaine, Etana, Raine Seville, King Yellowman, Tanto Blaks, Chozzen, Acmatic, Juss Ice, Junior Reid, Tanto Metro, Suga Minott, Chekkazz Dancers, Cezar, Wasp, Luciano, Cutty Ranks and more.

Out of this event the Lawman Lynch Education Fund will be established to subsidise school fees and nutritious meals for students at Allman Town Basic School and other basic schools each year.

When THE STAR spoke to Alaine and Etana, two of the artistes involved in the concert, they both expressed horror at the hardships that some inner-city children face on a daily basis and agreed that the concert is a step in the right direction.

“I think it’s a fabulous idea,” Alaine exclaimed. “We definitely need to feed the kids ’cause really and truly, you cannot learn when you’re hungry.”

Like Alaine, Etana thinks the charity is a very good idea. She added, “Upon visiting the school we were told that it had a population of 150 students and now it’s down to 46. Some parents can’t afford the $2,500 to send the kids to school and others stop due to the violence and I think it is prudent for us to provide food and nutrition to the ailing kids. This is the time when it’s most important to them,” the strong one said.

The two finished by urging patrons to go out and support this charitable cause. “It’s not even about The Lawman Lynch Foundation. It’s about those 46 kids who go out to school every day and sometimes can’t afford food, so just go out and support the yutes.”

Music For Life tickets are $1,000 pre-sold, $1,500 at the gate, $2,500 VIP and $500 for children. Tickets can be obtained at the University of the West Indies Students Union, Cuddy’z and Sexy Feet.

[Update made via Jamaica Star]